LG G5 dual wide-angle lens and V10-like second display confirmed

Well, we’ve seen the photos of the LG G5 leak from a Dubai website, which answers some questions for some consumers, but what about the additional questions? As usual, seeing leaked photos leads to a series of questions about stuff that we can’t see. In the case of the secondary display that stems from the LG V10 (or “LG Edge,” as the company patented the term immediately after Samsung announced the Galaxy S6 edge and edge Plus), we’ve been hearing the rumor of a V10-like edge “screen” but had nothing in the way of confirmation. That all changes now, thanks to a renown leakster/now tech reporter in the business.

LG G5 secondary display

Evan Blass, known as @evleaks, has given us a guarantee of the LG G5 secondary display from his usual place in which to make announcements: “Finally saw the G5; secondary screen confirmed,” Blass wrote just a day ago. So, the rumored V10-like edge screen, or rather, a small notification window, will come to the V10.

LG G5 wide angle dual camera

Blass not only confirmed the LG G5 secondary screen but also the wide angle dual-lens setup on the device: “Wondering why LG didn’t show you the back of the X cam? Because it has the same wide-angle dual-lens as the G5,” Blass wrote. The X cam refers to one of LG’s newest, soon-to-be-announced cameras (or camera phones), but the fact that the “wide-angle dual-lens as the G5” is confirmation enough that the LG G5 will feature a wide-angle dual-lens camera setup. Blass is not one to leak these things without good reason, so a renown leakster in the business who confirms these things isn’t one to be shrugged off and disregarded.

The LG G5, apart from the dual camera setup and secondary screen, full metal body, and fingerprint sensor, will also feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and 32GB of storage with a microSD card slot for expandable storage, not to mention Quad HD display and so on. We don’t know the apertures of LG’s front and back cameras, but we’re sure to see an 8MP front camera (as we did on the LG G4) and at least a 16MP back camera — though rumors place the back camera on the G5 at 20MP. As expected, the LG G5 will run Android 6.0 Marshmallow (at least), though Android 6.0.1 is now out and about in the wild.

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