LG G5 Pro may become the LG G5 SE, new photos show

Remember all that talk about an LG G5 Pro that we mentioned back around the time of Mobile World Congress 2016 in mid-February? Well, that seemed to change when LG unveiled the G5 at MWC (only one phone), right?

Well, not exactly. Just a few days ago, we spotted references to a trademarked LG G5 SE moniker that made us scratch our heads and wonder what LG was up to (we hope the company doesn’t intend to copy Apple, though you never know). After all, only Apple has ever arrived with an “SE” moniker for a smartphone, but LG seems to want to capitalize on the company’s success with its models. LG makes some decent smartphones, but it should never expect to have the success that Apple has overnight. After all, few smartphone manufacturers can achieve that success with just one smartphone.

And yet, some new evidence has surface that indicates two things: 1) the LG G5 SE moniker lives and 2) it may refer to a better-specced phone than the newly-unveiled LG G5. The source has gotten its hands on what is to be an “LG G5/G5 SE Quick Cover” case. Notice that the “G5” and “G5 SE,” in Quick Cover photos seen below, are at the top of the case packaging, which indicates that the new Quick Cover case will work for both smartphones. If the LG G5 SE were a smaller phone, then the same Quick Cover wouldn’t work for it because the LG G5 is already 5.3 inches across. Since the LG G5 SE can also use the new Quick Cover, the LG G5 SE will have a 5.3-inch screen as well.

Since the LG G5 and LG G5 SE will both share the same screen size, that leaves only one area untouched: specs. In other words, LG may choose to separate the new G5 SE from its sibling by way of improved or boosted specs, not display size. What does this mean? Well, it could mean a lot, but just how “big” of a deal this could be is not clear.

We have no word on what additional specs would make the LG G5 SE greater than its new sibling, but LG could take things into a more modular direction — making the idea of the G5 Pro from earlier a reality. After all, since people can attach modules to the LG G5, will LG allow consumers to now determine what their perfect screen size is? Could the SE be a smaller LG G5 that is based on the smaller-display preferences of some consumers? It would make sense and, given the direction LG wants to take in the industry, could signify that the company’s modular campaign isn’t just a one-hit wonder. For now, though, we can only dive into speculation. Whatever LG does, though, we sure hope the LG G5 SE fixes the problems found in its current modular handset.

What do you think? Is this LG G5 SE a more beefier-specced version of the modular G5, or is this LG experimenting with “modular” components that can be switched up and changed (one of them being the display)?

LG G5 SE QuickCover case LG G5 SE Quick Cover back


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