LG G5 rolling bot available in US

The LG G5 rolling bot was announced alongside of the smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2016 back in February, a module that allows you to monitor your home through your smartphone by way of a “rolling bot” or “rolling robot” that rolls around on the floor (it is called “rolling” bot for a reason). LG has brought its G5 smartphone here but has failed to get many modules here since the phone was announced nearly five months ago.

Even when the phone arrived on the worldwide market on April 1st, US consumers were still abandoned with many of the modules. For example, US consumers didn’t get access to the B&O Hi-Fi DAC module that is said to improve the audio output of your LG G5. LG decided to keep the hi-fi audio module away from the US — with no justification or rationale behind its decision. Even then, the Cam Plus that adds additional camera controls and a small additional battery was priced at $69.99, and the LG 360 VR headset and VR camera were priced at $199.99 each, which made them products in the “do not buy” territory.

LG has already brought the Cam Plus, the 360 VR headset, and the 360 Camera here to the US, with┬áthe Korean manufacturer bringing an Action Camera with LTE to market as a module to play “Friend”-ly with the LG G5. Even with these 4 modules, though, there’s still a small area of choice for G5 customers who want to see more module development to support this new phone that some say will transform the smartphone market.

Now, though, some three months after the phone’s market entrance, LG is bringing the LG G5 rolling bot to US customers. According to Android Authority, the LG G5 rolling bot will cost $246.99 in the US from online retailer Mobile Fun, which is slightly more expensive than we’d hope it would be but still worth it for that peace of mind and security your home can never get enough of. The LG G5 rolling bot is also available for UK users via the Mobile Fun UK website, but for 229 Euro (or $253.11 USD).

The LG G5 rolling bot features a microSD card that saves the photos taken with the Rolling Bot’s 8MP camera. While we aren’t sure that consumers want to see a rolling robot in their homes as far as surveillance goes (some users surveillance cameras and security systems), the device may serve one purpose: getting photos of your animal playing with the LG G5 Friends module.

You’ll need to pre-order the LG G5 rolling bot at the source link below because it isn’t available yet. Still, keep your eyes on the source, as the pre-order registration will appear sometime soon.


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