LG Nexus 5X receives 42MB update

Google has pledged to stick to a monthly security update plan for its devices on Android Marshmallow, and with the Nexus 5X, the most budget-friendly of its newest devices, the company is wasting no time. A new update for the Nexus 5X, with version number MDB081, is now available for the new Nexus 5X. The update is only 42MB in size, which is rather small for any update, and certainly isn’t large enough to suggest a major update (as major updates are typically anywhere from 500MB-1GB or more).

Google’s desire with the Nexus 5X is to keep it as bug-free as possible, without waiting so long to make major changes. Of course, other Android OEMs are jumping on board to see to it that their customers get quick security and OS updates for their devices (including Samsung), but HTC has said that the idea of monthly security updates is unrealistic for its devices – meaning that you may not want to think twice before you pick up the Taiwanese manufacturer’s HTC One A9.

Head on over to your software update settings and prepare to download the new update. Let us know if some issues with your Nexus 5X seem to have improved as the result of the new update.

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