LG Poland confirms Android Marshmallow update has been temporarily suspended

We reported to you some time ago that LG had released the Android Marshmallow update for its devices in Poland. Well, it seems as though LG has now suspended the update for Poland customers. One Reddit individual contacted LG Poland about the update, after which he was told the following: “Nicolas, update is temporarily suspended due to technical reasons. We will keep you informed about the changes!”

What this means for Poland customers is that the Android Marshmallow update may take some time, several weeks off, even, before the technical issue is fixed (whatever the issue may be), so we wouldn’t bank on getting the update anytime soon. Google just pushed out the update to its Nexus devices earlier this month, so LG may release it in a few weeks (mid-November) or early December. At this point, there’s no doubt that LG wants to get the Android Marshmallow update out to its customer base, but it doesn’t make sense to push out an update with technical problems that will cause headaches for customers. After all, LG customer, like those of other manufacturers, purchase smartphones at the high-end due to the premium experience expectation factor. Buggy updates that have to be rescinded aren’t a good example of providing a premium experience.

LG’s pulling of the Android Marshmallow update brings out another issue within Android: that of releasing quick updates. The problem with such quick releases is that, if the manufacturer focuses on getting the release out instead of taking time to ensure the update won’t create chaos, then customers who rejoice over early updates will hate the experience later. HTC has said before that it thinks monthly security patches were “unrealistic” for its company, and that’s a good claim to make considering HTC has also promised quick updates in the past (the famous 90-day release promise) that never came to fruition. Companies that promise such quick updates do so to gain an advantage over their Android rivals, but it would be better to release the new update by surprise without any promise whatsoever than to promise to release it and then be forced to suspend it like LG is doing.


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