LG V10 sees a second promo, but offers less than the first

The LG V10 is LG’s latest take on the smartphone market, and, in many ways, I’d recommend it over the earlier 2015 LG G4 flagship. Despite the newness of the smartphone, its sturdy build, and fashionable look, the V10 isn’t flying off shelves. LG has always had a promo for the V10 before, but the company is back to provide yet another V10 promo through the end of the year for those that like to take advantage of holiday deals.

From now through December 20th, consumers can receive some free accessories from LG if they buy the V10 and upload the receipt and send it directly to LG. The freebies consist of a spare battery, charging cradle, and a SanDisk 64GB microSD card. However, there are a few things to remember about LG’s latest promo: the Korean manufacturer is offering less than it did before in its first promo. The first promo we reported on stated that LG was giving away 200GB microSD cards; now, the 200GB card has dwindled down to just 64GB of storage — which is meager compared to the original SD card storage offering. Apart from the storage, you’ll have to purchase the device by December 20th and postmark your receipt (should you mail it in) by December 31st. For those who take advantage of this offer online, you’ll need to have everything completed and submitted by December 31st. The offer is bound to make some LG users happy for the New Year. Keep in mind that if you’re a Canadian customer, you won’t see the V10 in your country. Ever. 

Of course, you’re getting 64GB of storage with the V10, so the extra 64GB brings you up to 128GB. At the same time, however, you could have more if LG would repeat the same 200GB microSD card deal the company offered some weeks ago. We’re not sure how much of a deal this is in light of the previous offer, but those who missed the first one can’t say they didn’t catch a break.


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