LG V10 successor launching with Android Nougat

The LG V10 was announced last Fall as the flagship of the flagships in LG’s phone lineup. The device came with something akin to a flat version of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6 edge+, with LG having patented the term “LG Edge” some weeks before announcing the V10. Sure enough, the LG V10 had a small slither of screen where users could have always on notifications.

2016 is nearly gone now, but the LG V10 successor, being called the LG V20 in Korea, is set to launch this Fall. A new report says that the LG V10 successor will launch with Android Nougat, Google’s recently announced mobile OS update that many have called “Android N” or “Android 7.0.” Android Nougat is set to bring split-screen mode (something akin to Samsung’s MultiWindow Mode), as well as enhanced security for Android, an increased Doze Mode, updates that operate in the background and don’t require complete phone shutdown, and more.

The LG V20 is said to continue LG’s tradition of providing a high-end experience for its own customers. The LG V10 is different in quite a few ways from the LG G5, such as its water and dust resistance, professional cameras that perform better than those of the G5, and so on. And perhaps one major area in which the LG V10 manhandles the LG G5 is in battery life. Early reviews on the LG G5 say that LG’s battery in the G5 is underperforming as compared to the LG G4 from 2015.

The LG V20 could be the very first Android Nougat smartphone in the wild, perhaps earlier than even Google’s Nexus line. It has been the case each year that Google releases the latest mobile OS on its own Nexus lineup, with OEMs getting the update thereafter and distributing it to their own phone lineups. If the LG V20 becomes the first Android Nougat phone, it will demonstrate that Google may just be changing its view of the Nexus line with regard to how it is perceived within Android.

While we’ve heard nothing on the specs and features of the LG V20, we do know that the handset will launch in September and run Android Nougat (as we’ve said here); it will also see LG release the handset as early as possible in order to capitalize on an early release in the hopes of generating sales. Samsung has been offering up its devices earlier along with pre-orders in order to win more customers, but LG is no Samsung. It’s highly unlikely that such a strategy would pay off for LG.


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