LG V10 wallpapers now available for download

The LG V10 has been announced, and it is one of the nicest smartphones LG has ever produced. We still think its “dual-screen” experience is LG’s take on Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge, with little thought for originality. It seems as though LG sometimes does a bit more than take mere inspiration from its fellow Korean competitor in the smartphone space.

While you may not have your hands on the LG V10 yet, as the smartphone has yet to arrive in the US, you can always benefit from downloading the device’s stock wallpapers that come pre-loaded on the device – in anticipation of the soon-to-arrive smartphone. To this end, tech site Phone Arena provides the 10 official LG V10 wallpapers for your enjoyment. We do know that the LG V10 will start shipping in the US this week, so you may not have to wait long. Even if you can’t afford the LG V10 or don’t want to buy a new smartphone and are under a current two-year contract, however, you can never have too many wallpapers (ok, maybe you can, if your storage is completely consumed).

Of course, these wallpapers are running at Quad HD resolution, so you may not be able to fully appreciate them on a Full HD (1080p) or 720p display (or smaller) resolution. To find your LG V10 wallpapers, head over to the source link below.


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