LG V10 WiFi Calling announced for AT&T users

The LG V10 is nearing a year old, and, with LG’s upcoming V20 September 6th announcement, it would seem as though the year-old phone is all but forgotten. One thing that many users have been waiting for is LG V10 WiFi Calling. AT&T hasn’t been too eager to bring WiFi Calling to its high-end devices (neither has Verizon, which just released WiFi Calling for the Galaxy Note 5 with the Android Marshmallow update back in March), so it seems as though the LG G5, LG’s latest handset, won’t receive WiFi Calling for another few weeks (at best). Fortunately, though, the V10 is getting a little love from AT&T with the carrier bringing WiFi Calling to the 2015 flagship handset.

The LG V10 WiFi Calling update is getting pushed out to V10 handsets on the network, with build number MRA58K and a decent size of 368MB. It appears as though WiFi Calling is the only new feature rolling out to this (nope, V10 users, don’t expect LG to bring the Android Nougat Preview for G5 Korean users here to the US).

The LG V10 WiFi Calling feature that is now available for AT&T customers brings the power to make phone calls and yes, send text messages, on WiFi rather than needing a cellular network data signal before doing so. Of course, you’ll have to set up the feature so that, when you dial emergency services in cases of emergency, they have your address on file in the event that your WiFi network goes out and they can’t know where you are. Beyond that, it should be effortless, though.

The first AT&T phone to get WiFi Calling and texting on AT&T’s network is the LG G4, a device that is a year old now (a few months older than the V10). What this tells us is that the LG G5 and soon, the V20, may have to wait some time before they get WiFi Calling. The V20 may pack WiFi Calling out of the box with Android Nougat.

If you want the LG V10 WiFi Calling feature as an AT&T customer, head on over to your V10 phone settings and download the new update if you have one. If not, wait and be patient. Good things come to those who wait.


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