LG V20 model number and update confirmed

Image Credit: OnLeaks/Android Authority

The LG V20 exists now, despite the fact that we’ve not actually seen it: just a render with a few photos, the phone moniker on an LG press invite, and the existence of the LG V10 (the predecessor that won’t live on without a sequel). The name itself has been leaked by LG, and this is the time in which, after the name leak, further details start creeping up in the news. In this case, the LG V20 model number and update are confirmed in the latest leak from TimesNews.

The UK site has done a bit of digging to uncover the LG V20 model number, LG-H910, as well as the LG update that will come pre-installed with the device (Android 7.0 Nougat). Google has already confirmed the existence of Android Nougat (7.0), and it’s been said that the LG V20 will be the first device to feature Android Nougat out of the box, so we’re not surprised to see this code confirm what we’ve already seen and heard.

The LG V20 model number, LG-H910, is a new one we’ve not yet seen. After all, the LG V10 model number (unlocked model) in the US, at least, is LG-H900, so it makes sense that the LG V20 model number would be LG-H910. The international version has a model number of LG-H960/961, so the LG V20 model number in question is definitely not the international model. In contrast, the LG G5 model number is LG-H830, hinting that it is the lesser of the two flagships (hence the smaller model number). The LG V20 model number is closer to the LG V10 model number, so we can presume that this is the highest flagship instead of yet another G phone or a G variant for a specific region outside of the US, for example.

While a moniker is one thing, and an invite date for an unveil is another, the LG V20 model number gives the device some legitimate existence as a prototype being mass-produced and waiting for an official market entrance. We won’t have to wait long: September 6th will be here in a matter of weeks.

LG V20 model number and Android Nougat update confirmed


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