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Lightroom is an app specially made for those who love to take and edit pictures. It is one of the top rated photo management apps that is enjoyed by many due to its easy to use interface and easy processing. Unfortunately, this app is not suitable for all due to several reasons and one of them is due to its expensive price. Thus, some users try to find other alternatives that are similar to it. Another reason is due to the workflow of Lightroom which sometimes cannot meet one’s work requirements. No matter what your reason is, if you are planning to switch to another app that is cheaper and one that comes with more functions, you have come to the right place as we have a few featured alternatives which you could consider and choose from.

In this article, you will find some apps that are free and some- paid. There are also a few with advanced tools like photo processing and photo management abilities that are similar to Lightroom. Each and every featured app in this article comes with its own pros and cons and we highly recommend that you go through each and every app so you could choose one that would best suit your needs.

1. RawTherapee

RawTherapee is one of the most hi-tech open source alternatives to raw image processing needs. Once your material is processed, you will be able to send your images to any photo editing tool of your choice. This app is also known for non- destructive photo editing features. This means, you could get your photo back to its original form anytime. In addition to that, this app comes with advanced tools that could adjust your picture’s sharpness, exposure and color. It allows de-mosaicing algorithms and could also reduce artifacts of converted images. All your files could be saved on your device for any of your future needs. It also allows batch processing for fast editing needs.

2. LightZone

LightZone is a non-destructive, open source app that could be downloaded to any device you have. All you have to do is to sign in and once you are registered, you could start logging in and start processing your raw picture files. This app also is compatible and supports TIFF and JPEG image processing. It also offers filters and allows its users to arrange or use special effects on their pictures.

3. IrfanView

IrfanView is one of the most amazing and most popular image editor tools and an organizer as well. It is compatible and supports compressed and raw image file formats. IrfanView is an app which most professionals use. They say that they find it one of the most useful tools that enhances their pictures and makes editing task easier. Its software includes free tools such as tags, batch rename image files and editing metadata. Edited images could be transferred directly to new photo editing platform.

4. Capture One Pro

This app is known as one of the best alternatives or replacements for Lightroom but like Lightroom, Capture One Pro comes with an expensive price tag too. In fact, you will need at least $299 just for you to be able to use and access this app. Hence, we only recommend this app to those who are serious hobbyists only.

Capture One Pro has received numerous top ratings due to its advanced features such as its compatibility with more than 400 cameras. One could also access live view feature and tethered shooting support functions. It is also compatible with Mac and Windows platforms.

5. DarkTable

If you are not willing to splurge money and cost is one of your greatest hindrances in getting an editing tool, another great alternative source for you is DarkTable. This app is free and is an open source image processing tool which comes with editing features. It supports raw images on 400 cameras. The only downside of this app is it does not have much interactive interface.

DarkTable is compatible with Linux and Mac.

6. DxO PhotoLab

DxO PhotoLab is one of the most impressive professional level image editing apps. It has the combination and got the best of both worlds of Lightroom and Capture One Pro. Although this app lacks asset management abilities, it perfect when used with Apple’s Photo App and Lightroom platform. It is also a perfect match to Adobe Bridge. This app also comes with the most amazing interface which comes with one of the greatest designs.

7. ON1 Photo Raw

ON1 Photo Raw is one of the newest app in the market. Though this is the case, it is an amazing app as it comes with impressive features of Lightroom. This app is rated by professionals as one of the most efficient apps. It supports Raw files and has integrated some Photoshop features such as layer support. This means, you could composite different images together. It also comes with filters and effects.

8. ACDSee Photo Studio Professional

This app is a perfect raw image processor for windows. It comes with advanced features and has integrated Adobe’s essential features. It will help you manage your organizing tools and help you retouch your photos. Free trial is available with this app and its pro version comes with a fee of $99.

9. Affinity Photo

Though this app has only been developed recently, its software is really impressive with its powerful features. It could even assist professionals with advanced editing tasks. Its original tool was only designed for Mac at first but fortunately, its developers have now launched it for Windows users as well.

Affinity Photo offers professional level editing features like digital painting, focus stacking, 360-degree image editing, panorama stitching and retouching.

10. Mac Photos and Google Photos

These apps are effective alternatives. Apple Photos offers photo management needs. It also comes with tone curve feature and definition slider. Google Photos on the other hand comes with machine learning algorithms and includes limited support to RAW files.


Lightroom is no doubt the best app that offers the best interactive features. However, it could come with price and not everyone could afford it. With this, we hope you are able to find an alternative that would best suit your needs through this articl

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