Little Alchemy: How to Make Sky in 6 Easy Steps

Little Alchemy is a game which many enjoy and love. Though the rules of the game may seem to look very simple, it could get challenging especially when you need to combine different elements for you to be able to create new items. At the start of the game, you would have access to the four main and basic elements such as fire, air, water and earth. In this game, you would need to combine these elements for you to be able to create over 550 materials and items.

Little Alchemy is a game which allows you to explore the world and experiment to create and make new things. You could create plants or even invent a car. For sure, in this game, you would need to use your imagination and creativity to be able to discover new things. In this article, you would learn how to make sky in simple and easy 6 steps.

What Is the Sky Element?

In Little Alchemy, the sky could be created through two basic elements which are air and energy. This means, you would need to make energy which is made up of time and fire. Air, on the other hand could be created through the combination of gas and pressure. Here is a summary of how to make sky.

  • Combine gas and pressure. This will create air
  • Combine time and fire which will create energy
  • Drag the air element over to the energy element
  • Wait for the process of the elements being combined.
  • Drag the combined air and energy elements onto your playing board on the left side of your screen.
  • You would now have your sky element.

How to Make Sky in Little Alchemy

There are many different ways to create items in Little Alchemy. Some items may seem to be impossible to do but do not worry as in fact, they really are easy to create. All you need to do is to experiment and be adventurous in combining different elements and items. For example. the sky in Little Alchemy is actually one of the easiest items to make.

  • Combine the elements of air and water. This would help you to make clouds.
  • Add clouds to the energy and this will create thunderstorms.
  • Combine thunderstorms with air and you will make the element of wind.
  • Mix wind and clouds and it will create a tornado.
  • Add the tornado to energy to create a lightning.
  • Then, combine lightning with air and you will finally get your sky.

Combine Element Tips and Tricks in Little Alchemy

When you are creating the sky in Little Alchemy, you might feel and think that it is a challenging task. Do not worry as this task could be easier when you know which elements to combine. Here are some helpful tips which you could use as a guide in making sky in Little Alchemy.

Combine Air and Cloud

The first step in making sky in Little Alchemy is to combine air and cloud. These elements will help you create a mixture of sky.

Experiment with Different Elements

When making the sky in Little Alchemy, you will have to experiment with different elements. Try to combine air and cloud and mix it with different elements like energy, air or even water.

Use Science Tips and Tricks

It is easier to play Little Alchemy when you use science base tips and tricks when you experiment in the game. For example, mix two elements together which are opposites – fire and water which would provide you a different item.

Unusual Combinations to Make Sky in Little Alchemy

  • Air and pressure = Sky
  • Fog and wind = sky
  • Cloud and rain = sky
  • Storm and sun = sky
  • Smoke and sun = sky
  • Lightning and wind = sky

These combinations might seem to be weird and unusual. However, if you combine them, it would provide you the sky in Little Alchemy.

Making Use of the Sky Element in Little Alchemy

Air Element

The first step is to combine two energy elements – heat and movement. Heat could be created by combining fire and pressure. Movement could be made by combining energy and time. You could also combine sand and wind.

Water Element

The second step is to create water element which could be done by combining two clouds together. You could also combine two raindrops or one raindrop and one ocean element.

Earth Element

The last step is to combine air, water and earth. These elements would make the sky for you. Keep in mind, however, you would need to experiment on how you would combine these elements in terms of order.

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