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Lockitron Review

In the past, there were keys. We all know how they work, but we also could not neglect their vulnerability. Thus came the birth of smart locks. Besides home security devices, most people include this in their priority list. Smart locks and smart keys now proliferate the market, and many are still being launched, with varying features. But Lockitron’s smart lock offers a promise of smarter process in locking and unlocking our doors.

Product Description and Features

Apigy, a start-up based in Mountain View California, created the Lockitron. It is a security device which uses a smart phone as the remote control, to lock and unlock the deadbolt locks. What makes this device appealing is its usability. Lockitron connects to both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Via a web page control or a mobile app, you can unlock your door with ease. For guests or even house contractors, you may provide them with “virtual keys” so they can get access inside. Truly, Lockitron is a user-friendly security tool that one should try out.

Pros and Cons

Lockitron’s system automatically informs the homeowner when an authorized person enters their residence, and what “key” that specific person used. It can even also let the homeowner know if there is someone knocking at their door. This is all because of its Internet access. A guest’s phone number and email address are all what’s needed to have a virtual key.This unique layer of connectivity offers the homeowner added security, knowing that their homes are inaccessible except by those they allow, whenever they are away from home.

We all know not all people are “techies.” Thus, some would not possess iPhones or Android devices. But Lockitron surely thought of this detail because even without smart phones, administrators and those people they issue their virtual keys to, can still gain access to the house, via the web or even an SMS.

But any gadget, no matter how thoroughly thought out, has loopholes. One scenario is if Wi-Fi was down in your house. The Lockitron system would not be able to download your list of blacklisted keys. Thus, if a blocked person’s phone has Bluetooth, he/she could get inside your house.


Lockitron is a topnotch home security device worth the buy. For $179, it’s the cheapest in the market, but is still equipped with the added layer of connecitvity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  While the product can still be made better, the Lockitron has a very promising future in the market.





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