Best Long Range Walkie Talkies

Since the creation of smart phones, Walkie Talkies’ popularity have dwindled down the drain. The reason behind it is not only because they are poorly engineered, but they also have a very limited range. Reliability is also an issue as buildings, forests, topography and other obstructions could get in the way and provide weaker signals. However, this notion is only a common misconception as there are best walkie talkies that are carefully engineered and created with high quality technology that provide more powerful signals which allows long range communication even during lesser ideal situations such as emergencies.

Importance of Walkie Talkies

Though communication has leveled up due to the creation of smart phones, these could only work perfectly on ideal normal circumstances. During emergencies where phone signals are compromised due to blackouts, typhoons, earthquakes, fire and the like, long range walkie talkies could save the day and offer instant communication. Thus, walkie talkies are the best tool in search, rescue and retrieval operations. Another use of a walkie talkie is for security. If you will notice, security guards, police officers, etc. usually use walkie talkies to communicate with one another as they do not have time to dial their smart phones just to communicate a situation to their fellow colleagues. Lastly, walkie talkies could also be used during huge events like weddings, debuts, anniversaries, etc. since most of these events are celebrated with the help of organizers, during the event itself, they need to communicate with one another to make sure the event is going smoothly.

Choosing and Finding the Long Range Walkie Talkies

It is true that it is difficult and it is not easy to find a reliable, effective real long range walkie talkie. However, we know how important it is to have one and this have driven us to research and find the best ones for our readers. Upon our research, we have come up with important information on each product which you could use in choosing and purchasing long range walkie talkies.

1. Motorola MH23OR Long Range Walkie Talkie

This long range walkie talkie provides clear communication up to a maximum range of 23 miles and though range and distance vary from one walkie talkie to another, this walkie talkie- Motorola MH23OR ensures reliability and is far better than most. As they say, you won’t have to be running all over the place just to find a spot for you to be able to get a good and effective signal. Aside from that, this walkie talkie is also good in short range communication and could be used for example in crowded malls or amusement parks.

As this walkie talkie’s performance is amazing specially in long range distance and has a powerful, clear signal, if you are planning to go on camping or backpacking, apart from packing your first aid and compass, we highly suggest to take a pair of this long range walkie talkie.


– Very effective

– Easy to use and understand

– Lightweight, portable and comfortable to bring everywhere

– Amazing performance even during lesser ideal situations


– Battery life is shorter than it is stated

– Could suffer in cold weather

2. Uniden Submersible Long Range Walkie Talkie

Even in less than perfect conditions, the Uniden Submersible Long Range Walkie Talkie provides excellent performance with clear signal up to a maximum of 50 miles. It is one of our favorites as it comes with 22 channels and it is designed with high intensity LED flashlight which is perfect for night operations and which could be used to signal SOS alerts. Aside from that, Uniden Submersible Long Range Walkie Talkie offers 142 privacy codes which is submersible to three feet for about 30 minutes. It also has 10 call tones and includes 2 headsets and 2 gear clips.

This two-way radio, direct call walkie talkie is also waterproof and is easy to use as well. This set of walkie talkie also comes with instruction manual. Uniden Submersible Long Range Walkie Talkie is a perfect partner and is considered as one of the best emergency radios.


– Works well even under extreme environmental conditions

– Signal is clear

– Even if you you drop it in water, you will not have to worry retrieving it as it will float.

– Comes with a strobe light for emergency purposes


– Volume is a bit of a concern.

3. BaoFeng BF-888S Long Range Walkie Talkie

Though BaoFeng is not a popular brand of Walkie Talkie, they are starting to rise through the ranks of high quality reliable walkie talkie manufacturers. As a matter of fact, their BF-888S is a great example of how much reliable their products are and also because of it, we could see how far they could reach in the coming years.

The BF-888S Long Range Walkie Talkie is very compact and is comfortable to bring. When you purchase this model, you will not only get a pair; but rather, this walkie talkie comes in three pairs which makes it very affordable. It also has about 15 channels and comes with CTCSS/DCS function, scanning function and emergency alarm functions.

This walkie talkie includes an emergency flashlight and is very durable which is also perfect for emergency use and is a great investment.


– It is easy to grip and easy to use.

– It is durable and could withstand a few drops

– Comes with flashlight

– Sound is amazing


– The button arrangement is a bit confusing and takes time to get used to.

– Not that aesthetically appealing

4. Motorola MT352TPR FRS

One of the most important features of a walkie talkie is its battery performance or battery life and with Motorola MT352TPR FRS, you will not have to worry about this aspect. It comes with a USB charger and a mini USB charger which is convenient whenever you are on the road. This also means that your portable power banks could also be used not only by your smart phones but also by this walkie talkie.

Though MT352TPR is not completely waterproof, they are water and dust resistant which makes them perfect for outdoor operations. Aside from that, it could work up to 18 miles of distance range which is still pretty amazing.

MT352TPR is also known for being weather resistant rather than being weatherproof but even with that said, you will not have any problems with it being wet from rains. This model, is perfect for outdoor activities and its battery performance says how worth it is to purchase it.


– Its battery life is pretty amazing

– Ergonomics is outstanding

– It is very durable


– Performance could be dense in urban areas

– Dust resistant and water resistant does not mean it is dust and water proof.

5. LT-188H Vhf

This walkie talkie is powered with 10-Watts and is created with design that provides its users with reliable and efficient performance. Its distance range of 10 mile provides a clear signal even in an open country in good weather.

The LT-188H Vhf is one of a kind piece of tech which provides a genuine amazing long range communication performance. It comes with numerous desirable and convenient features and yet, it is very affordable.

The LT-188H Vhf comes with power saving mode, button lock, flashlight and many more.


– Created with high quality materials and could withstand almost everything

– 10-mile range is not just a marketing ploy

– VOX hands free come in handy

– Comes with automatic face button lock feature which ensures to prevent accidental activities.


– Its manual is a bit incomplete and is poorly designed

– Its flashlight only works in closed areas.

– Its illuminated display is a real shortcoming.

6. Motorola MR350TPR

With Motorola dominating this list, we could not, not include MR350TPR in this article. The MR350TPR provides clear signal up to 35-mile distance range and 20+ in open country on good days. This walkie talkie is perfect for camping trips specially with its flashlight that comes with the unit.

Though this walkie talkie is amazing in its right, it also has some minor flaws which couldn’t be ignored like its fragile belt clips, its other features compensate with its downsides. This walkie

talkie is easy to read with its illuminated display and flashlight. You could get 10+ miles under normal conditions and sound quality is excellent almost all the time. This model is highly recommended for campers and hikers but not for mountain rescue teams due to its fragile belt clip.


– Provides amazing clear signal at a distance range in open country which is perfect for hikers and cross-country cyclists.

– Could operate on 3 AA batteries

– VOX hands free come in handy.


– Issues with quality on its buttons

– Belt clip is fragile

– Battery does not charge well

7. Boafeng BF-888S Plus UHF

This model is intended to be an upgrade of BF-888S and not as a replacement. Though it is an amazing walkie talkie, you will not be able to get a 20+ mile out of it but rather a 5+ on a good day in an open country.

It is also known as advancement from its earlier models but as for its looks, this model takes a step back. It does not have an illuminated display but its functionality is outstanding plus it is very affordable, cost effective and will last you for you.


– Upgraded profile

– Comfortable to use

– Battery life provides 10 hours of operations

– Weather-proof

– Affordable


– No illuminated display

– Location of buttons is inconvenient

– The design is unappealing

8. Midland LXT500VP3

This model of walkie talkie is another long range walkie talkie which under ideal circumstances provides effective distance range of more than 20 miles and under less ideal, in an open country could be about 10 miles.

Its overall quality is good and it is beautifully built. It is very durable and provide reliable communication even under difficult situations. It also comes with energy conservation feature which is something we think that all walkie talkies should have.


– It comes with battery save circuit which is a life saver during emergencies

– Its 20+ miles in open country is just amazing

– Works on 4 AAA batteries.

– Price is affordable


– Volume could be a challenge

– Belt clip is fragile

– Longer range channels could also be a challenge sometimes.

Buyers Guide and FAQs:

1. What are the best walkie talkies?

There are numerous ways to answer this question. However, generally, we could say that Motorola have seem to have mastered the walkie talkie industry and has produced best performing models. Though we have mentioned Motorola as a leading brand, there are still some manufacturers that are worth checking. An example of this is BaoFeng.

2. What are the most popular walkie talkie brands?

As mentioned above, the models that were featured in this articles are considered by many as top brands in the walkie talkie industry.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Long Range Walkie Talkie

Though it may seem that purchasing and finding a walkie talkie is as easy as finding a reputable brand and buying it, this is not true. In fact, individuals who has done the said tactic often are not happy with their purchase. Thus, it is highly suggested for one to do some research and consider the following factors before purchasing:

  1. Where will you use them- This is one of the most important factors that you will need to consider before purchasing your walkie talkies. If you are planning to use it for camping, then, it is wiser to get one that has an illuminated display and a built in flashlight would definitely come in handy.
  2. What range you can realistically expect- There are numerous manufacturers that would advertise that their product could accommodate a certain number of miles for clear communication. Though most of the times what they advertise is what you get, there are some that is not what you really realistically expect. Thus, it is highly suggested to check reviews and research before purchasing.
  3. Number of Channels- though privacy is not much a huge deal when using walkie talkies unless you are working in a cruise ship or construction site, you might not need numerous channels but this come in handy especially for major circumstances.
  4. VOX- this feature allows you to communicate without having to use your hands. If you would need something like this feature, it is best to check before purchasing as not all walkie talkies have this feature.
  5. Power Options- this is another one of the most important factors. If you are out there and your battery dies, that would be kind of a disaster. Hence it is important that you find one that could work on both rechargeable batteries and standard alkaline batteries. This way you could have back-ups.
  6. Out of Range Alert – though you are planning to purchase a long range walkie talkie, it is wise to purchase in case of most extreme cases a walkie talkie that has an out of range alert feature. This basically is an equivalent of pinging and could send codes from one walkie talkie to another.
  7. Price – while some are reasonably priced, there is a huge difference between low end and those that are high end. It is important that though you might run on a tight budget, you might want to consider that having high end walkie talkies are great investments depending on your need and what are you going to use it for.


Whether you call it walkie talkie or two-way radio, this product could be an invaluable item that could serve as an addition to your collection of camping equipment, factory equipment, company equipment, business equipment and rescue equipment. Modern walkie talkies of today are more than the past’s kids’ toy. They are used more as safety tools for emergency response teams, security, police and outdoor enthusiasts which is the reason we highly recommend you invest one. We hope that through our article and reviews, we were able to help you find one that would suit your needs.

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