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How to look for GIFs and send them using Messages in iOS 10

Apple is associated with innovation and the company strives for offering something unique across all its products. Although sometimes the ideas themselves are not original, it is the way in which they are implemented, what makes them stand out. As Steve Jobs himself once pointed out, Apple is not afraid of taking good ideas and using them for its features, in its own way. Each version of their operating systems brings options that are new, or inspired in something that users are already familiar with.

One of the updates that iOS 10 offers is the possibility of searching for and sending GIFs from within the Messages app. You won’t need to leave the app, or use a third party keyboard to share your GIFs. You may be already using Giphy, or third-party keyboards like GBoard that feature a GIF searching function. Apple now includes the option to search and send GIFs with the Messages app. Below you will find the steps to do it.

Search GIFs and send send them in Messages for iOS 10

  1. Launch Messages and tap on the gray arrow button that appears on the left or the area where you usually type your message. Then tap on the App Store button.
  2. Now you will see a selection of sticker packs and Messages apps that you have installed. On the lower left of the screen, you will see a button with 4 dots. Tap on it.
  3. Next, tap on the magnifying glass button called #images
  4. To look for a GIF, or an image, type into the Find images and videos search bar that is shown under the Camera and App Store icons.
  5. Select the GIF that you want to send. Then tap on the white arrow pointing up to send the GIF.

This is a practical feature that will allow you to have a lot of fun in your text conversations, without having to rely on third-party options.

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