LuckyCrush Alternatives

LuckyCrush is an app which allows you to do a 1-on-1 video chat with the opposite-sex whom you have matched. It is a dating app that connects randomly guys with girls and vice versa. If you do not like to be matched or connected with a certain profile, all you have to do is click next.

In this app, only males or guys could be matched with girls. This means guys could only be matched with girls and girls with only men. You would not be provided with the same sex options.

Through this app, you will be able to connect with random people all over the world which means there is a huge possibility that you will connect with someone who speaks different language. The good news is, this app comes with instant translation system which automatically translates the incoming messages into the language that you speak and understand.

Best Free LuckyCrush Alternatives


Omegle - LuckyCrush Alternatives
Omegle – LuckyCrush Alternative

Omegle is a good dating app alternative which you could use as a platform to meet new friends or to meet a new special someone. It provides you random profiles and allows you to have a one-on-one chats with each other. This app’s features includes messaging, online chat, photo sharing, random video chat and capture video chat.


ChatHub -LuckyCrush Alternative
ChatHub -LuckyCrush Alternative

ChatHub on the other hand is a free version dating app which allows you to chat with random members/users of the app. It allows you to filter profiles such as gender filter, face filter, country filter and many more. Features that you will enjoy in this app are the following: video chat , filters, random video chats and responsive design.

Random Video Chat

Random Video Chat: LuckyCrush Alternative

This application could be accessed through web. It is available for free and it allows you to connect with strangers on cam. In fact, you could video chat, have a private one to one video chat, private group, public group and random chat. This app comes with integrated file sharing, video calling and chat and what is more amazing about this app is that it does not need you to register for you to be able to start chatting.

Random Chat

Random Chat: LuckyCrush Alternative
Random Chat: LuckyCrush Alternative

Random Chat like the Random Video Chat, allows you to chat with strangers. It could be used on your mobile phone and it is known for providing anonymity.


Yubo:LuckyCrush Alternative
Yubo: LuckyCrush Alternative

Yubo is another platform which allows you to make new friends all over the world. This app comes with features such as direct messaging, live chat, random video chat, text chat, messaging and it could also act as a platform for social networking.


eChats: LuckyCrush Alternative
eChats: LuckyCrush Alternative

eChats is a free online platform where you could meet new people and talk online with each other. It is considered as a new stranger social networking and it comes with features such as chat, group chat, online chat, video chat and social network.


Making new friends and meeting new people with the same interest as yours is no longer difficult. With dating apps, you could meet your special someone and it also allows you to learn more about other people. We hope that through this article, you were able to learn about these apps. Let us know what you think and do not forget to leave us a comment.

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