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What to do if MacBook Air doesn’t turn on

Some MacBook Air users may come across an issue when trying to turn on their devices. Even after plugin in their MacBook Air into MagSafe power adapter and switching it on, nothing seems to happen. You may see that the power adapter lights up orange instead of green, but the MacBook Air simply doesn’t turn on. Here is what you can try to solve the issue and get your MacBook Air working again.

Method 1

The problem may be caused by the safety case of your MacBook Air, if there is one. Simply take it out of the case and try to turn it on again.

Method 2

Make sure that the MacBook Air lid is slightly open and then grip it firmly and shake it a bit. After doing that, press the power/start button to set the Sudden motion sensor off, known as SMS. This may solve the problems in many cases.

Method 3

Try the SMC rest. This means that you will press and hold Shift + Control + Option + Power buttons. Then let the keys go at the same time, before turning on the Mac.

Method 4

Resetting the PRAM is another option that may work in some cases. If your MacBook Air has a black screen with bootup chiming and the fan is running very loud, you may try this option to get the issue resolved.

Method 5

This is another solution that has worked for some users, although you should be careful if you decide to try it. It requires you to remove the bottom of the device and then to try to turn it on. If you notice that the fan is twitching, you need to stick your finger in and flock the fan a bit. Check if the fan is now spinning normally and then try to power on the MacBook Air again.

Method 6

Press the Power button and attach your mobile using data cable. If the mobile starts charging, you would have fixed the issue.

Method 7

If after trying the above solutions, you are still unable to turn on the MacBook Air or the power adapter light has turned from orange to green, the best option would be to check the device warranty status. If the device is covered under warranty, you can bring it to an Apple service center.

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