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5 Ways to Make Your House Technological and Modern

In the modern world, almost every electrical object in your home can be connected to the Internet and controlled by a smartphone. And even simple things, like a fire extinguisher in your car, can easily be turned into the high-technological ones. So pay attention when looking for the best fire extinguisher for car made by last technologies.

Read the information below if you are into turning your house into a smart one!

  1. Smart Assistant

If you want to have an assistant in your house, it will be enough just to buy a smart speaker. We are talking about Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod. The essence of all these devices is the same: they are voice assistants that replace the smartphone, although they work with the help of it. You can assign tasks to the speakers by talking to them, and, of course, listen to music with their help.

  1. High-tech Furniture

If you feel cramped in your house, then you should think about how to use the space wisely. After all, even an ordinary bed can take almost half a room. There are a lot of interesting and practical solutions now, and almost all of them offer transformer furniture. For example, the space-saving transforming beds. Usually, they are mounted against the wall or inside a closet, and you just need to pull it down. There is even more fundamental idea – a bed under the ceiling. Installed on special rails and fixtures, it allows lowering or raising it towards the ceiling with one hand movement.

  1. Appliances and Gadgets

If your house has a bare free wall, then it can be adapted to a projector, even for a bright room, instead of a TV-set. There are FullHD and even laser projectors with an ultra-short focus on the modern market, which give out more than a decent picture. In addition to the obvious space savings properties, you will get unforgettable impressions from watching TV shows and movies. Another original idea is a picture above the bed with a TV set, installed on its back. There is no need to buy an expensive Smart TV. You can just get an Android set-top box, which will cover all the necessary functions of Smart-TV and even more.

  1. Biometric Lock

Nowadays, they are not just affordable but necessary because a biometric lock is considered to be one of the safest and the most reliable: it will open the door for you only if it reads correct biometric information. A double protection system is installed on many biometric locks: first, you give your eye imprint, and then enter the code or use the good old mechanical key, so you can combine two ways of opening for better protection against burglary.

  1. Automatic Light Control

The light control is the simplest and very effective way not to just set the desired level of lighting in the house but also to save energy. There are both simple and advanced models: with the programming of different lighting modes, the ability to set a timer and remote control using apps on your smartphone.

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