Mass Effect Lead Goes to Microsoft

Microsoft announced this morning that Casey Hudson, the former project director at Bioware responsible for the Mass Effect trilogy of games, has now taken the position of creative director at Microsoft.  Hudson will be working primarily on projects for HoloLens but his responsibilities will include work with Xbox as well.

Speaking on the potential for HoloLens Hudson said, “I am extremely passionate about the potential of this kind of technology, as anyone who’s talked with me over the last couple of years can attest. I feel that the work being done at Microsoft on mixed reality and holographic computing will have a tremendous impact on how all of us interact with technology in the coming years.”

“I was fortunate to try an early prototype of HoloLens before it was announced, and I was blown away by the technology and what it was already capable of. Walking on Mars while sipping coffee in an office setting, Skyping with a friend who can draw on the walls of my environment, sculpting an object in 3D modeling software while a hologram of it sits on a table next to me… These first experiences cemented my belief that holographic computing was where I needed to be. There’s no end to the potential of this technology, and I look forward to being able to influence the full-spectrum experience on HoloLens, from hardware to OS, to applications and games.”

Hudson left Bioware last August after 15 years with the company.  While there he became product director for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as well as all three Mass Effect titles.  He was also involved in the early stage of the 4th game until his departure last summer.  In his new role he will report to Kudo Tsunoda, CVP of Next Gen Experiences.

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