Mayflash F300 vs Mayflash F500: Which is better?

Mayflash F500 is the big sister to the F300. It’s heavier and bigger (it is made of metal on the both on the top and bottom plates) and therefore feels more robust. The ability to design your own artwork is simple to upload and there’s a plexi screen above the artwork to shield it. The headphone jack is included. It has a compartment for the USB cable that it can be tucked away. It also supports wrist straps with vibration (has to be purchased separately). Multi-platform support is extensive: F500 supports PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Android and at present F500 is compatible with Nintendo Switch too (after an update to the actual fightstick).

Size and Weight

The Mayflash F500 is the largest and weighs more. This means that the F500 is more durable. Additionally, I have noticed that the F500 does not move as much and remains on my lap, which is the place I like to play.

However it is true that the F300 is more mobile. I’m able to squeeze the F300 in my backpack , whereas it’s F500, well…good luck.


Design of Mayflash F300’s design Mayflash F300 is quite simple. It doesn’t have flashy graphics or bright shades that make it stand out.

F500 Mayflash F500 is a slightly more interesting one to check out. It’s not only bigger however, it has cracks in the design, which is fascinating, in my opinion. There are some lovely small details, such as storage space for cables that isn’t in the F300.


Both Mayflash F300 and F500 use Mayflash’s standard button and joystick. In terms of performance, they’re pretty similar.

The buttons are a little fuzzy, though it’s not obvious for someone who is just starting out. Additionally, the joystick isn’t quite as responsive than I’d prefer.

If I were to choose between the two , I’d suggest that Mayflash F500 is the better choice. Mayflash F500 is slightly better. In my ideal world, I’d rather high-end parts, however it’s normal considering the cost of these sticks. You are able to modify these sticks to insert your own Sanwa parts, like.


Both Mayflash F300 and F500 are simple to modify. It involves taking off the bottom panel using some screws , and then replacing the joystick and buttons.

It is the Mayflash F500 has the added benefit of a built-in plexiglass. So, changing art is very easy.

It’s the Mayflash F300, however, doesn’t come with plexiglass inbuilt. So, you’ll have purchase this separately to be able to attach any artwork.


Mayflash F500 is more expensive than the F300.┬áThe difference isn’t that significant but it could be a deciding factor for those who are looking for.

When it comes to cost-per-dollar in terms of value, in terms of value, the Mayflash F300 is hard to beat. It’s an excellent beginner’s fightstick which could be upgraded at a low cost to give you even more value for money.

It’s the Mayflash F500, whilst being larger and more powerful in comparison to its predecessor, the Mayflash F300, is priced close to an average fightstick, which isn’t. Its performance isn’t very impressive at the cost. Although it’s a fantastic fight stick , you could spend more money and purchase a more reliable Hori Rap Fightstick or Mayflash F500 Elite.

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