Best Mercari Alternatives

Mercari is an application which allows users to purchase or buy things online. Though this avenue or platform of purchasing is through the internet, Mercari ensures safety for both buyers and sellers. For sellers, all they have to do is to simply take a photo of their product, add a description and the amount you would sell your product.

This app is free and could be used internationally. In addition to that, this app offers great opportunities for business-minded people at the same time for buyers to have a wide range of product options to choose from.

Though Mercari is one of the best apps in the shopping industry, there are other apps that are similar to it which you could explore and try as well.

1. EBay

When you say shopping and selling online, the popular and most common name that is known by many is Ebay. Ebay started as web online sale and shopping site and now has expanded to smartphone application. Through this app, you could look and hunt for second hand items.

The interface of this app comes with three fundamental parts- My eBay, Categories and Sell. Through these categories you could monitor your items, look for items through categories and sell your item.

2. HappySale

HappySale is a platform where people could buy and sell items that they no longer need. This app allows their users to upload photos, add a description and value of the product. The users could also share the items they have seen on this app to other sites.

3. Wish Local

This app allows a spot where its users could make their advertisers offer items at a certain place where they could show signs of arrangements. To make things work, all one has to do is to take a picture of their item they wish to exchange and add a description. Once done, the product will be added to the database of the offering side portion of the app.

In this app you could find items such as furniture, car, clothes, phones, electronic products and many more.

4. Etsy

Etsy is an app where individuals around the world could shop and offer items for sale. To use this app, one has to submit their request, convey, add postings, view data and include a description

or insights about the shop and payment details. This app is easy to use and allows its users to purchase or offer items in one space, spot or portion.

5. Depop

This app offers buying and selling in a fun way. Through this app one could utilize their profile as an online shop where buyers could browse through their items and where business minded people could post their items.

This app has numerous users where you could find different items such as books, music, phones, vintage things, adornments and many more. The users of this app could see the profile of the seller and could view the recent patterns of their selling activities.

6. Sneaky Buy and Sell

This buy and sell online app is a platform for purchasing and offering expensive items like vintage things, furniture, designer stuff, adornments, books and many more. All payments coursed through this app are made through PayPal which makes this app more secured than those that requires cash.

7. Threadflip

Threadflip is another platform where you could find designer items through downloading the app on your smartphones or tablets. This app also allows the selling and purchasing of used or second hand items. If you are looking for branded items, this app is perfect for you.

8. Letgo

This app lets the client to buy, purchase and offer items online. Letgo is compatible with any Android and Apple devices. It is easy to use and does not need any registration but could access the app through your Facebook or Google record. The items found in this app are both new and 2nd hand items.

9. Amazon Shopping

Amazon Shopping is the second application of Amazon that allows its users to look and hunt for items they are interested in. This app comes with surveys, reviews, costs and allows its users to put orders on the web shopping mammoth. This app is compatible with any Android gadget.

10. Vinted

Vinted is a selling and purchasing app that comes with wide range of options of brands and items which one could choose from. It is accessible through any gadgets like phones or tablets. This app is used widely by ladies mostly. Thus, the items found on this app are more of items for girls, ladies and women.

11. Carousell

Carousell is another application that allows its users to buy and offer items. However, aside from being a shopping app, this app allows its users to talk to each other which is a very useful feature in business transactions of offering and purchasing.

12. Shpock

Shpock has an interface of classifieds type of app. It is designed for its users to see advertisements and deals. In this app, you will find items of various types of collectibles, books, accessories and furniture. Though this app is free, if you wish for your item to appear on the top of the list of items being sold, you would need to pay for a premium.

13. Snap Sale

This app accommodates items that are on a reduced rate. This is usually where buyers could purchase items that are on a discounted price. In this app, you could find clothes, garments, furniture, electronics and many more. Snap Sale accepts PayPal and does not charge extra for installments.

14. Close5

Close5 is a unique application that caters buying and offering items to specific neighborhoods or is designed for buyers and sellers who are in the same area to interact and bond. In this app, the sellers could just take a photo of the item they will be selling and write a short description on it. Close5 offers a wide range of items such as sports merchandise, clothes, gadgets, workmanship, books, music, videos, etc. Delivery of items have no additional cost as the buyer and the seller could just meet up for payment and delivery of the item.

15. 5Miles

Aside from purchasing and offering items in this app, one could also discover groups for employments, spots to live and enlist local people for administration. This app comes with security checks to ensure its buyers and sellers are credible. One way for them to check is through the incorporation of Facebook, email and instant messages checks. Through this app, one could find numerous various items.

16. Shopo

Shopo is an app which allows online group and for individuals to purchase and sell items online in a certain location or neighborhood. This app’s premium features however is not for free and if you wish to be able to access it, one has to pay. Buyers in this app could view the profile of the seller which makes this app very safe to use.

17. VarageSale

VargeSale allows its clients to purchase and offer items through this platform. If you are patient and has time, you will be able to find a lot of markdown items. This app does Facebook validation before one is able to browse and use this site which means, you can be assured that using this site is credible and safe.

18. Listia

Through this app one could purchase, offer and barters. Listia is very easy to use and could be accessed through your smart phone. In this site, you will be able to find various markdown deals and carport barters.

19. Wallapop Buy or Sell

This app is a virtual market where people with the same interest join. This app allows its users to sell things or items in a local area. Aside from buying and selling, this app comes with a chatting feature which allows its users to become friends and at the same time promote one’s business.

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