Best Microcurrent Facelift Machines

Microcurrent facelifts has dated way back in the year 1800s and has continuously evolved until the 1900s where machines have been available in spas and were recommended to spa clients. After a decade or so, technology has done its work of innovating and has developed a machine that could be used at home. However, average people could not afford it as they were very expensive. Fortunately, this has changed when handheld devices came out on the market.

With the cost lowering down to $50 or so, choosing a microcurrent facelift machine for home use is a tedious, difficult task and is known to be a not so simple process. With the numerous products on the market, prices, efficiency and effectiveness are just a few things that you will need to consider before you find and determine the right and best microcurrent machine for you.

With that said, we have conducted research and compared products and came up with a list of best microcurrent facelift machines that you could check and choose from.

1. NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Microcurrent Machine

This brand and model is the best microcurrent facelift machine for home use sold in the market. Though it is not cheap and comes with additional optional items such as targeted microcurrent and red light therapy that will and could cost you more, fortunately you could do without them for quite a time.

While reviewing this product, we were amazed by it and could say it is worth its price. The machine is handheld and compact. It is easy to use and comes with five levels which would allow you to choose how intense the microcurrent treatment you wish to use for your sessions. NuFace recommends 5 seconds per area and the great thing about this product is that it includes a five second timer wherein you will not have to worry about manually timing your session.

This model has a bigger set that comes with a targeting attachment. If you could purchase it firsthand with the machine, you will be able to save a little. If you cannot purchase the bigger set, no fret, as this model also has a mini, cheaper version. However, be forewarned that this mini version has fewer settings and attachments.


  • Cordless
  • Portable
  • Offers spa-like results


2. Beauty Star Facelift Microcurrent Machine

Created by Biosincron, Beauty Star Facelift Microcurrent Machine is a great and exceptional product. Aside from the machine being perfect for your face, it is also suitable to be used around the eyes, chin and neck. The machine itself is small and compared to NuFace Trinity, this product is much compact and portable. Due to that feature, your daily sessions could take a bit longer but you will have more control over your target areas.

Know that the lowest setting of this handheld machine is a bit intense but this is an advantage and if you are just learning and starting to use this product, fear not as you will feel no pain in using it. As for its price, it could compete and compare with other same products. It is portable and its battery is 9 volts and is rechargeable as well. The only downside is the machine does not come with a timer.

This product is handheld and is very well known and sold in Europe for more than fifteen years and has only recently been available in the US and Canada.


  • Could be charged through the use of USB or via wall
  • Has long battery life
  • Cordless
  • Self-sterilizing


3. 7E Myolift Professional Microcurrent Facelift Machine

This product is considered as the most professional in terms of its appearance and design. It is also the product that most estheticians recommend. This device is considered more of as a machine than just being a handheld device. It comes with an LED readout and control buttons which separates dual element wands. Its elements are smaller compared to other devices but it includes two applicators which is an amazing feature once you get used to it.

Another amazing thing about this machine is it allows its users to dictate the intensity and gives you the option to choose up to 400 microamps. It includes three to five settings which you could choose from as well.


  • Dual applicators
  • LED display
  • Compact and portable
  • Precise intensity control


4. Skin Care Experts Portable Microcurrent Facelift Machine

This brand and model has impressed us just like NuFace Trinity has. In fact, it is very comparable to it but the advantage of this model is it is cheaper. Though it does not exceed the expectations as NuFace Trinity, it delivers great outcome with its features.

This microcurrent facelift machine includes a built-in automatic shut-off which will turn off the device after ten minutes of inactivity. Its applicators are less rounded but this only makes it easier to use as it could cover larger surface areas.


  • Cheaper price
  • Cordless
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Could cover larger surface area


5. Project E Beauty Microcurrent Machine

This device joins the rankings of midpoint priced microcurrent facelift machines. Though this machine is not the best, it is a decent option. The reason why this machine has not been considered as one of the best is due to its issues regarding its roller applicator and the upper intensity. Upon using this device, we’ve noticed that it is perfectly fine to be used on the neck and arms but it feels awkward on other parts of your face and you will need lots of practice to make it perfect for your whole face.


  • Its intensity is adjustable
  • It is rechargeable
  • Dial based control
  • Wireless
  • Portable


6. Lyft by Nurysh Facelift Microcurrent Machine

Lyft is a product that comes with a lot of features such as its applicator having buttons that are easy to reach and easy to press. It is simple to use for single treatment- microcurrent, ultrasonic, massage and color-based light therapy.

Not only you could use this device for your face but also around your eyes. It could also be used on the back of your hands and around your knuckles. As for its charging and battery life, the charging time is about three hours but unfortunately the battery does not last long. This device comes with a manual but be forewarned as it is difficult to understand and its translation is pretty bad.


  • Color light therapy
  • Seven distinct functions
  • Three-hour charging time
  • Great for the hands


7. EZZI-Lift Photodynamics Microcurrent Galvanic Facial Machine

This machine is one of the best professional microcurrent machine which is created for home use. Though this machine comes with great features and offers numerous benefits, the downside is its price as it is a bit on the expensive side.

The kit that is included with this machine are some accessories such as y- electrode, finger electrode, lead wires and carrying case. All the electrodes include in this machine are surgical grade.

As for the batteries, this device uses double A batteries which are quite inexpensive specially if you purchase and use rechargeable ones.


  • Photodynamic system
  • Four modes
  • Surgical grade electrodes
  • Uses two AA batteries only


8. Apreuty High Frequency Portable Facial Care Machine

Apreuty is the least expensive microcurrent device listed in this article. Though this product is cheap, you will be surprised that its performance is quite great. It is a unique product and comes with four attachments. You could use this product around your eyes, cheeks, chin, neck and hands.

The downsides of this product are it is made of plastic which makes it feel cheap and the device vibrates which might be annoying to some.


  • Cheap price
  • Intense modes
  • Comes with four attachments and electrodes
  • Portable


9. Dees Microcurrent Facial Toner

This product is an amazing option. The brand is a bit comparable to our number one microcurrent device, NuFace Trinity. The only difference is they are less expensive. Dees Microcurrent Facial Toner is corded and its overall design is just amazing. It is ergonomic, easy to control, easy to read LED display which shows which mode you are currently using and the cycle modes.

Aside from microcurrent treatment, this device could also massage and could emit radio frequency treatment. There are also indicators such as LED lights- red and yellow. This device is the most comfortable to be used on the face compared to to other microcurrent devices.


  • LED Display
  • Color Light Indicator/Therapy
  • Radio Frequency Therapy
  • Massage Contactor


10. New Spa Eye Zone Skin Care Microcurrent Machine

This product is also similar to NuFace Trinity. However, though it is not as good as NuFace Trinity, it is great due to its price. We could say that it is an impressive microcurrent based on its price point. It is a handheld product and comes with lowest setting of 20 microamps and highest setting of 300. The product also offers eye masks for additional cost.


  • Price
  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Comes with a battery compartment
  • 300 microamps for its highest setting


How are Microcurrent facelift Machines Tested and Selected:

Reviewing a product is not as easy as it seems. Commitment has been required and weeks of effort to assess these machines for home use. The product was tested with the help of different subjects with different ages, skin types, complexion, skin tone, etc. We also have considered the following:

  • Easy set-up
  • Easy use and time consumed
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Customer support
  • Purpose of use

Who Should Use a Microcurrent Facial Machine?

Microcurrent facial machine is for anyone who is conscious of his or her skin or someone who cares about his/her complexion. This machine treats lines, blemishes and other skin conditions. These treatments are usually associated with older people but it is highly recommended to use it even when you are young. As they say, the earlier the better.

Using this device will promote cell growth which helps you achieve better complexion, treats the effect of aging and It could also help those individuals who suffer from acne.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Microcurrent Machine

During our study and research of Microcurrent Machine products, we realized that you will need to check and take into consideration some factors before you choose or pick the right device for you.

One factor you will need to consider is the type of class. According to FDA, there are Class I, Class II devices. The Class I is a machine approved for retail sale to consumers while the Class II is for sale for Physicians only.

Another consideration you will need to consider is how much you would and are willing to spend. Though this machine is a great investment, we suggest that you choose something that is within your budget.

Last factor that you will need to consider is its power settings and power cycle stages. Timer is also a great option to check as well as warranty.

Do Microcurrent Facials Cause Side Effects?

There are no side effects in using a Microcurrent Facial Machine, however, it is not recommended to use one if you are pregnant, have uncontrolled seizures, have pacemakers and implants. It is also not wise to use this device if you have a scar tissue younger than six weeks old.

Before and After Pictures for Microcurrent Treatments

If you will be doing a microcurrent facial treatment at home and you would wish to see and know if this type of treatment has positive results, we recommend to be careful with before and after pictures. Though it is a good way to see the difference before using and after using the device, the picture could be misleading.

Moreover, we recommend when choosing a product, do not solely decide based on pictures as you will need to remember that each individual differs based on gender, age, skin tone, etc.

If you would still like to do this method of checking, then we highly recommend that you take the picture yourself and take it after you have washed your face. This way you will see the true difference of before and after use.

Are Microcurrent Machines Worth It?

The best microcurrent machines are definitely worth purchasing. The most important thing before you invest is to choose the right best microcurrent machine for you. As microcurrent treatments are non-surgical facelifts they could rejuvenate your skin without the fearsome surgeries. No laser resurfacing, chemical peels as well. It is also very convenient and could be used at the comfort of your homes. It is also considered as a long term cost-saving investment. Just imagine all the spending you will have to shed for going to the spa or dermatologist just to get facial treatments. With Microcurrent Machines, you will not have to go as often as you think you need.

How to Use a Microcurrent Home Device?

Each Microcurrent Home Machine or Device differ for one another. With this said, it is highly recommended to read the manual thoroughly and follow the best practices. If you have questions or queries, it is wise to consult your dermatologist. Treatments could be adjusted according to your preference.

If you are just starting to use a microcurrent device or machine, it is important that you focus on creating a foundation of good skin habits. Meaning, it is important that you establish a good skin care routine and stick to it as much as possible. You will need to take time to prepare your face and neck. Keep your skin hydrated and remove your make-up. Wash your face with warm water and clean it with a gentle cleanser, use a facial scrub then rinse your face and pat it dry. Do not use hot water as it will damage your skin. Glide the device over the areas of your face three times.


Choosing the right microcurrent machine is not as easy as it seems. Some of the best devices are not that cheap and is a huge decision to purchase one. We hope that through our research, study and this article, we had helped you make the right choice and decision.

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