Best Microphones for YouTube Videos

Doing vlogs for YouTube is one of the fads now. May it be about travel, beauty, tutorials, food, name it and you will find it on YouTube. These videos are made by enthusiast vloggers whose videos are enjoyed by many. If you would like to be one of them and is planning to upload videos on YouTube, you will need to have tools that will help you produce high-quality videos and that would also help you make your video worth watching. Just imagine watching low-quality videos which could barely be heard. We are sure you will get numerous thumbs down for it and we do not want that to happen. Thus, we highly recommend that you get a trust-worthy video camera and a microphone that would best suit your YouTube video needs.

Recommended Types of Microphones

USB/XLR Studio Microphone – this type of microphone is recommended for screen recordings and voice-overs.

Lavalier Microphone – perfect for all situations. You won’t have to worry about bringing them anywhere as all you have to do is to clip your mic on and you are good to record.

Shotgun Microphone – this type of microphone is great for run and gun kind of videos, sit-down interview and vlogging.

Condenser– highly recommended for home studios for voice recordings, podcasting, singing, guitar and many more.

Best Studio Microphones for YouTube

USB Microphones

USB microphones are easy to use and set-up as well. However, they offer limited potential as they cannot be easily upgraded which will also limit your ability to expand and enhance your audio quality.

1. Rode NT- USB

Rode NT-USB is a condenser microphone that comes with a USB connector which makes this microphone easy to use with its plug and play function. It also includes a tripod which reduces background noise levels down.

Rode NT-USB’s sound quality is one of the best for YouTube. Moreover, with its high quality, this microphone is very affordable with its price being below $200. In addition to that, this mic comes with a headphone jack, volume control and mix control dial which you could use to blend your

voice with your computer’s audio. The only downside of this microphone is it does not have an onboard gain control which means, you will need to set on your computer the input volume.

2. Blue Yeti

This brand is one of the most favorite microphones among YouTubers as it provides amazing sound quality, top of the line features and affordable price.

The Blue Yeti comes with 3 condenser mic capsules which would allow you to choose different pickup patterns. Though most users would just need a cardioid pattern for voiceovers, this model offers much more options such as being able to change your pickup pattern into an interview mic or conference type of mic. Another feature that you will find useful in this mic is its mute button. Aside from that, Blue Yeti also includes features such as gain control, stand and a headphone jack with a volume dial.

3. Blue Snowball

Another USB YouTube mic, the Blue Snowball is considered as a little brother of Blue Yeti with its useful features. This brand actually comes in two models- Blue Snowball iCE and Blue Snowball.

Blue Snowball- comes with two mic capsules which offer omnidirectional and cardioid pick up patterns and good build quality.

Snowball iCE- offers a single cardioid capsule and does not allow height adjustments.

XLR Microphones

If you are ready to move into the next level of creating videos for your YouTube Channel, XLR is the next level type of microphones which will definitely improve your video’s audio quality. However, this would also mean that you will need a USB audio interface which lets you connect it to your computer.

1. Audio-Technica AT2035

This model, Audio- Technica AT2035 comes with a shock mount. Though you would need a boom arm to support it, it will definitely improve the sound of your videos. Hence, though you will have to purchase it separately, we highly recommend that you get one. This model comes with an 80Hz high pass filter which will eradicate any low sounds such as heaters, electric and computer fans and the like.

Audio-Technica AT2035 is considered as a condenser microphone and would require phantom power.

2. Rode Procaster

Rode Procaster is one of the best and most sought after YouTube microphone. It includes an internal pop filter and internal shock mount which reduces p-pops, vibrations, and noise. In addition to that, if you would like a clear noise-free video, we suggest for you to get the Rode PSM1 shock mount. This equipment will make it easier for you to adjust the mic into a position which will provide you the best sound.

This cardioid mic is at its best when used together with Cloudlifter CL-1 or a pre-amp, DBX286s. If you cannot get hands on either, you could work with Zoom H5.

3. Shure SM7B

Known as the best dynamic studio mic, Shure SM7B is definitely one of the most favorite mics of YouTubers. It does not even require for you to purchase a separate pop filter or shock mount for its produced quality to sound better. In addition to that, this mic comes with a thicker removable widescreen which would come handy at times.

Lavalier Mics

Lavalier Mics are perfect for those who are always on the go as they are small and very portable. Aside from that, this type of mic would not get in your way while you shoot your videos as it comes with a shirt clip which you could stick or clip on your shirt.

This type of mic is designed for smartphones, portable recorders, and DSLRs. This means you will have to check its connector. However, if they don’t work on your camera, this could be solved easily through an adapter.

1. Rode SmartLav+

The Rode SmartLav+ is very easy to use. You will be able to use this mic on your smartphone and produce one of the best audio sounds. This model is, in fact, one of the most popular options and choices of YouTubers.

SmartLav+ comes with a TRRS connection but if you wish to use this mic on your camera or recorder, you could get an SC3 adapter. This is an excellent choice for those who are on a budget and couldn’t get a professional level lavalier mic.

2. Rode RodeLink Filmmaker Kit

This model is wireless and is designed for DSLR cameras or digital recorders. This mic could connect to any digital transmitter and receiver. It also could work from a distance except if you are in a very crowded event where other devices could get in the way.

3. Audio-Technica ATR3350iS

If you are on a tight budget, the Audio-Technica ATR3350iS is another great option. It comes with a long cable, around 20’ and also includes an adapter which you could connect to your smartphone or even your camcorder. Aside from that, one of the most amazing about this mic is it does not pick up any background noise.

Shotgun Mics

This type of mic is usually attached to the shoe of your camera. It also offers flexibility which is great for shooting interviews and the like.

1. Rode VideoMic Pro+

This model is relatively new and just came out to the market in 2017. Though it is fairly new, this microphone is very impressive with its useful features. This microphone comes with automatic power on and off, safety channel, removable cable, and rechargeable lithium battery.

Unfortunately, this mic is a bit on the expensive side but is a great investment.

2. Shure VP83F

This microphone comes with a microSD card slot which means you could use this device without a camera. It includes a fine gain control which allows you to be able to adjust the pickup volume easily.

Small Diaphragm Condenser Mics

Though shotgun microphones are one of the best types of microphones, they cannot be used indoors as they usually emit a lot of echoes. If you are usually recording indoors, we highly recommend that you use a small diaphragm mic instead.

1. Audio-Technica AT4053B

This mic is a hyper-cardioid boom type of mic which is amazing for indoor dialogue recording. It comes with an interchangeable capsule which could produce different pickup patterns.

2. Oktava MK-012

This mic is a bit on the lesser expensive type. It is considered as a modular mic which includes hyper cardioid, omnidirectional and cardioid capsules. If you wish to purchase this mic, we recommend that you check the name carefully as this model applies to different capsules as well.

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