Microsoft expected to unveil Windows 9 next month

According to TheVerge, Microsoft is planning on introducing its next Windows 9 platform next month at a special press event that is scheduled for September 30. The reports claims that the date is currently tentative and it could change to any other date of the next month.

Windows 9, the successor to Windows 8, is currently codenamed Windows Threshold but it’s highly likely that Microsoft will go with the next number in sequence i.e. number 9. The event that is scheduled for 30th September is said to unveil the developer preview of Windows 9 and will show off the new Windows platform and its new features.

The report from TheVerge suggest that Microsoft will be focusing on showing off a large number of improvements it made over the previous Windows 8 including the famous comeback of the Start Menu but as a mini version with a little less detail than the earlier Start Menu showed. There is also said to be a feature that will allow users to see their running applications in separate windows but these applications should be developed using Metro-style framework in order to support this new feature.

One of the many features that users are looking forward to in Windows 9 is the addition of having more than one desktop. Microsoft termed this feature as “virtual desktops” where a user can have multiple desktops. This feature is really awesome in a case where a PC or a laptop is used by different family members and each one of them likes to have his own desktop and shortcuts.

With the unveiling of the Windows 9 taking place next month, it is expected that Microsoft might start offering the new Windows to the consumers by the start of 2014 but it is not confirmed.

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