Microsoft launches free Picturesque lock screen replacement

Microsoft has just launched a new Picturesque lock screen that replaces the old one. The new lock screen is designed for Android only and has Bing search bar on top of it. Since the lock screen is the first screen that user sees when he/she turns on the device, it gives Bing a direct access to users who want to search the web without quickly.

The new lock screen has been developed by employees working under the Microsoft Garage department, a department which is responsible for developing a wide range of applications for Android. Picturesque lock screen app is a free app which also has features like weather updates, notifications, latest news update and a search feature powered by Bing – all this on the lock screen. Users who only want to search something on the web can do it now from the lock screen.

It also features daily wallpaper from Bing homepage which can be changed by shaking the device. Controls for camera and phone calls are also present on the lock screen.

Putting Bing search engine on the lock screen is a tricky way adapted by Microsoft to try and steal some attention from Google search. Even though Android users have far more access to Google services, but still many people do not care for it and wants the easiest and quickest way possible to do a certain operation.

Picturesque lock screen app is currently available on Google Play with a review rating of 3.6 from 232 people. It looks like the lock screen app hasn’t gotten much exposure

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