Microsoft launches MS Outlook for iOS and Android

Microsoft today launched both iOS and Android app version for its popular emailing client MS Outlook. MS Outlook for mobile is based on the newly acquired Acompli that Microsoft bought in December last year.

Currently, there are other MS Outlook apps available in the app stores including the app and the OWA app (which is only available for Office 365 subscribers). But Microsoft is planning to push this latest app to become the mainstream mobile app for MS Outlook. These older apps will still be available on the app stores but according to Microsoft, they are planning connecting all these apps together over time.

Microsoft does encourage users to switch to the new Outlook app as it offers a wide variety of features to the users that the previous application lacked. According to Microsoft, the new Outlook app is based on the technology which Microsoft acquired in the form of email app Acompli. Microsoft’s general manager for Office division said in an interview that, “We brought that team in and it’s now a core part of the Outlook team”.

Users who have used Acompli apps will see a lot of similar things in the Outlook app. Outlook will continue to support different email provides including Office 365, Exchange,, Yahoo! And Gmail etc. Another great feature of Outlook app is that it allows users to use files or images placed in their cloud services like OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box etc. with their emails.

Microsoft stated that iOS version is a full release version but the Android version is still in preview stage and not official yet.

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