Microsoft offers trade-in program for laptop and MacBook owners

Microsoft has announced its Surface Pro 4 tablet, what the company is hailing as its MacBook Pro killer. But the company’s most competitive edge yet, apart from making the product better than it’s ever been, is to provide a trade-in program for laptop and MacBook owners. For laptop owners who trade-in their device and purchase a qualifying PC product from Microsoft (provided at the company’s website) that is at least $600, they will receive a $200 credit back. For MacBook owners who trade in their MacBook in good working condition, they will receive $300 back in the form of a rebate.

There are a few conditions with Microsoft’s latest trade-in program, however. First, you will only get a rebate (not cash money). Next, you must send in your computer in order to get the rebate, and you must purchase a device that qualifies according to Microsoft’s rules (not every item available will apply). Lastly, your trade-in device must qualify in order to get the rebate. For MacBook owners, for example, the MacBook traded in must be 6 years old or younger (no older than 2009) and must be at least an 11.6-inch screen or higher (this eliminates all iPads, the new iPad Pro being excepted). Microsoft says you can expect your rebate within 28 days.

Microsoft is looking to turn things around with its latest devices, but are you interested? If you have a MacBook Pro, for example, and don’t have an affinity for the MacBook experience but prize a little more productivity, this may be a win for you. Of course, if you have an antivirus/antitheft program, prepare to purchase a new one as not all antivirus program installs work for all devices.

Are you interested in qualifying for this Microsoft trade-in with your MacBook?



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