Microsoft releases update to fix Xbox One controller glitches

Microsoft released a new update to Xbox One consoles which help the controller to quickly connect with the console and also patches some bugs previously reported by few users. Currently, the update is only available to Xbox One Preview Program participants but will be available worldwide in the upcoming days.

The update is a regular Xbox One firmware update, according to Xbox Live chief Larry Hryb (Major Nelson), but it is aimed to improve controller’s feedback and configuration.

According to Major Nelson, Xbox One controller took about five seconds to connect to Xbox One but with the new update to “Quick Connect” feature; it will now connect with the console within two seconds. The update also fixes different bugs and glitches reported by the Xbox One users and the members of the Xbox Preview Program.

Microsoft is consistently fixing and updating its Xbox One console since its launch back in November 2013. Xbox One has received a number of new features and bug fixes on a monthly basis since then. It’s very important for any company to keep the current user base of its product happy and satisfied and also introduce new features from time to time to attract new users.

The update will be first tested out by the users who are under the Xbox One Preview Program and they will provide their feedback regarding the new update to Microsoft after which Microsoft will make necessary amendments to the update if needed or will simply roll out the update to all console owners.

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