Microsoft Surface Pro 4 rumored to be cheaper than Surface Pro 3

2015 is going to be a killer year for productive slate lovers as this is the year where there is a high chance we will get to witness Apple’s formidable 12.9 inch iPad Pro. After releasing a phablet sized iPhone 6 Plus, we can only speculate that Apple will not be retaining a small form factor for its tablets for very long. Knowing a little too well about the rumors, Microsoft realizes the level of threat that the iPad Pro will bring to its Surface Pro lineup of tablets if the tech giant does not act quickly.

Now, thanks to the latest rumor, there are reports coming in that Microsoft’s upcoming flagship tablet, named the Surface Pro 4 will be cheaper than the Surface Pro 3, which is a relief because the company’s slate was only slightly cheaper than Apple’s notebook lineup. There were also rumors that Microsoft was going to kill off its Surface Pro lineup of tablets due to unsatisfied level of sales. However, Microsoft has refuted those rumors, which is why the company’s Surface Pro 4’s specs have surface; albeit only few crumbs of information.

The Surface Pro 4 will possess the same resolution as the company’s Surface Pro 3. However, the screen size of the upcoming product will fall in between 13 – 14 inches. In order to attract a larger audience, the Surface Pro 4 will also be priced less compared to the Surface Pro 3. This is because the Surface Pro 4 will be equipped with Intel’s Core M processors and will be running Microsoft’s highly anticipated unified interface operating system, the Windows 10.

Even though these are just rumors, we will have to wait and see the actual information of the Surface Pro 4 when Microsoft showcases it during one of its events.

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