Microsoft to release Windows 10 Mobile in early to mid-February, insider letter says

For Windows Phone and mobile users who’ve been looking for Windows 10 Mobile, there’s some evidence that suggests Microsoft fans won’t be waiting much longer.

The evidence for such a claim comes from a letter between Microsoft and the source in question, in which it was relayed that Windows 10 Mobile will arrive early February or as late as mid-February. There is a second Lumia 950 and 950XL update that has been delayed, but this second update will also roll out at the same time.

Microsoft’s reasons for delaying Windows 10 Mobile up to this point has been to make the experience more fluid for its final release so that customers give positive feedback. The company wants to impress users with the new upgrade, which would be a major positive over the Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1 that didn’t find approval with diehard Windows Mobile and Windows Phone fans.

To roll out Windows 10 Mobile after the infamous Windows Phone or Windows Mobile 8 rollout, Microsoft has decided to retire its “Internet Explorer” web browser, and has gone so far as to stop denying certain IE browsers support because of the aging web browser name. In its place, Microsoft has decided to implement a new web browser called “Edge” to free itself from the bad past of the IE label.

As for the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, these two new devices were announced by Microsoft last Fall, with Panos Panay at the helm and feature USB Type-C charging, in-built wireless charging, 20MP PureView cameras, AMOLED displays, and decently-sized batteries. Rumors continue to churn that these two Windows 10 Mobile-bound devices will be the last high-end smartphones for the Lumia line. Microsoft intends to roll out the Lumia 650 as the last of the Lumia line next month, with a “Panos Panay” phone, titled “Surface Phone,” headed to market by this summer at the earliest or by the year’s end. It would make sense to see Microsoft unify its Windows 10 Mobile software and then bring its smartphone line to bear the same “Surface” name as its computers.


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