Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview brings Project Spartan browser to devices

The second Windows 10 Technical Preview build for Windows phones which Microsoft released today brings new apps and features to the Windows 10 smartphones including the new Project Spartan browser.

The new Windows 10 Technical Preview build includes new builds for apps like Phone, Messaging and People apps. Bing Maps and HERE maps are integrating to the Maps app already available in the Windows 10 for Windows phone to bring local search and voice navigation. Another noticeable app which got interesting new features is the new Outlook Mail app which includes some editing and formatting features that are found in Microsoft Word to allow users enhance their emails with more formatting and style.

The biggest update in the new Windows 10 Technical Preview for Windows phones is the Project Spartan browser. Project Spartan was already available on Windows 10 PC version. However, the version featured in the new Windows phone build does not include as many features as the one in the PC preview has. It is also not the default browser for Windows phones yet and IE11 still holds its place as the default browser.

The new build also adds supports to a large number of Windows Phone devices which were previously left out. If anyone wants to try out the Windows 10 Technical Preview on their Windows phone should become a member of the Windows Insider program by signing up here. After that, users should look at the list of supported devices and find if their device model is listed there. If it is on the list, open this Windows 10 Technical Preview download page on your device and click Download the Windows Insider app. Once the app downloading finishes, open it and follow the instructions to install the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Windows phone.

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