Microsoft Windows 10 to release on July 29

Microsoft has set the release date for Windows 10 and it’s July 29, 2015. The latest version of Windows will arrive in the summer and will be available as a free upgrade to Windows PCs and tablets starting from the launch date.

Windows 10 is the latest addition to the Microsoft Windows OS family. Microsoft is looking to revive its Windows platform by introducing a lot of new changes to the Windows 10. The biggest thing to note about the newest Windows version is that it will be available for free for all users who have bought a PC or a tablet running Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 during the past six years. The Windows 10 upgrade can be reserved by users running these Windows OS from Microsoft website after following some initial steps.

Another big change in the new Windows 10 platform is that it is unanimous among different platforms. Microsoft is not branding Windows 10 separate for Windows Phone or Windows PC. According to Microsoft, it wants to close the gap between different platforms by bringing them together under one single OS where users can easily share stuff between their devices.

Apart from this, there are other great features introduced in Windows 10. These features include the Microsoft Cortana voice assistant, Microsoft Edge (company’s successor to Internet Explorer), Xbox Live and Xbox app for interacting with Xbox One, Windows Continuum (switch between different Windows 10 devices) and Windows Hello (a new feature to login user using face, iris or fingerprint recognition).

Microsoft hasn’t official announced the retail pricing of different Microsoft Windows 10 OEM version. However, according to a latest leak, Windows 10 Home will cost $109 while Windows 10 Professional will cost $149.

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