Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Looks Amazing

The first Mirror’s Edge was one of those games that suffered for being the first of its kind. While its first-person parkour running was utterly unique and impressive, there were a few aspects of the game that just didn’t quite work. While the movement through the game space was good, combat was more than a little rough. In the year’s since the original titles release there has been a growing interest in revisiting the game’s world on the new generation of hardware. Last year at E3 we learned that a new Mirror’s Edge was coming. This year we learned its name, Catalyst. Now we’ve gotten our first real look at the gameplay, and it looks fascinating.

While the footage is pre-alpha we get a good look at what the gameplay for Catalyst is going to look like. While fans of the first game will see a lot that is familiar, the new hardware capabilities really bring out a feeling of openness. While the first game also took place on the city rooftops, it was still very linear as far as where you were expected to go. While it’s hard to tell how open this game actually is, the fact is it feels more open. The city feels much more alive. Gone are the bright red “go here” markers, and while there is some color to help direct your eye Faith’s running path is not obvious making it feel more free.

Use of the environment in combat appears seamless, though we’ll have to wait and see just how easy it truly is to execute those moves. If the game is truly able to integrate combat with the movement so that the free running aspect never slows down, that should give everybody what they’re looking for.

Fans of Mirror’s Edge look to be getting exactly what they’re looking for in the new game. Catalyst is currently set for a February 2016 release.

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