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Monitor Size and Viewing Distance

Whenever you are looking and choosing a monitor, one of the first things that you would encounter in the specifications portion is the resolution. This is actually one of the most important factors you should consider before purchasing a monitor. Another factor that usually go together with the resolution is the screen size and pixel density. Yes, these factors actually influence each other in providing you the best monitor.

Optimal Distance From Your Display

Our eyes have a maximum level as to what it could see and perceive when it comes to distance. Hence, if you would sit at a farther distance compared to what it is called minimum viewing distance from your monitor, then, for sure, you would not be able to see the individual pixels found on your screen. This in return would provide you an increased effect on the perceived sharpness of your images.

Minimum Viewing Distance on the other hand is defined as the minimum distance you should put yourself between you and the screen. This way, you would not see individual pixels on your monitor. If you do, for sure, you would not enjoy what you would be viewing on your monitor.

As for you to know which is the minimum viewing distance for a particular screen, there are formulas and online calculators which you could use. Keep in mind that the calculations are based on a 20/20 vision.

The higher the pixel density, the closer and shorter you could view your monitor. Keep in mind that the recommended viewing distance in terms of resolution would depend on the experience of the viewer. The reason behind this is because each and every person is different. Hence, this would vary from one person to another. Though this is the case, having a minimum viewing distance could actually provide you useful information which you could use whenever you are choosing the right monitor and comparing each and every monitor from one another.

Check your posture

Having the right posture while you are on your desk is another important factor when you are trying to find the best monitor. If you do not have the right position, there is a possibility that you would need to adjust your viewing positions at very short intervals which could lead for you to get to the monitor screen at a very relatively close distance. Though that is the case, there could also be instances when you would like to recline on your chair which would then put a distance between you and the monitor.

Hence, before purchasing a monitor, it is quite a good guide for you to check the distance of your table and chair and consider the working space that you have. Consider the size as well. This way the other factors and elements would be balanced.

Size vs Resolution -What to Choose?

Screens with high PPI number usually comes with a short minimum viewing screen. This means, you would have a better viewing experience and it would also provide you the flexibility of setting up your desk. Though this is the case, it would still boil down to your preference and the type of work that you have whenever you are choosing your monitor. For example, if you are doing a lot of editing, you might might need to spend more time being closer to the screen. This means, you might have to get a monitor that has a low minimum viewing distance. However, if you are into gaming or watching films, then you might want to have a screen which would allow you to sit back and enjoy watching the screen.

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