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Searching for the best monitor with a webcam can be a daunting task since there are many models available and many people don’t know what exactly to look for. We will offer a list of the best devices available that suit different needs and budgets. It should be noted that there are tow kinds of webcams: a built-in and external webcam. Built-in webcams can be found inside the monitor, normally above the screen. Built-in webcams are common in laptops, but there are also computer monitors that come with the camera included. Built-in webcams feature a small lens that resembles the camera lens that you see on most mobile phones. Some of these lenses are so small that they can easily go unnoticed.

External webcams are considerably larger and they are located outside the computer as the name suggests. You need to connect them to a computer with the help of a USB cable. The majority of external webcams come with handles that can be used to hang them at the top edge of the monitor. Since a monitor that includes the webcam is more convenient, many people look for this option. There are monitors that feature a built-in webcam, speakers and microphone. These monitors help you to save space and of course, they can be used to stream audio and video.

What do you need to look for when getting a monitor with webcam?

The main things to consider when buying one of these monitors are: size, resolution of monitor and webcam quality. The resolution depends mainly on the size of the display and the highest resolution is full HD of 1920×1080. In the next paragraphs, we will show you the best monitors with webcam that you can get nowadays. These monitors stand out thanks to the features that they support. You will find top end options, as well as affordable monitors for smaller budgets.

Apple Thunderbolt

The Apple Thunderbolt is the top choice when it comes to monitors with webcam. It is an innovative solution with impressive features. The display is based on the LED Cinema display and it combines aluminum and glass casing. The 27 inches display and resolution of 2560×1440 is excellent and the overall design reflects Apple’s commitment to offer advanced and unique technology. The Apple Thunderbolt stands apart thanks to features like its outstanding high resolution, the IPS technology that offers a remarkably clear image that you can see from anywhere. It also comes with a high quality microphone as well as speakers. The built-in FaceTime HD webcam is perfect for taking photos and for video calls. You can also transfer images via Thunderbolt connection. If you don’t mind the high price tag, this is an excellent monitor with web cam that allows you to enjoy fantastic performance.

Asus VK278Q

The Asus VK278Q offers excellent price, top features and great performance. It is ideal for playing games and watching videos thanks to its fantastic picture quality. It supports different connections including DisplayPort. You can mount it on the wall thanks to its wall mount brackets. The Asus VK278Q comes with a 2 MP webcam and its webcam can be rotated. The 27″ wide LED screen provides high quality image. Although the monitor includes speakers, there is no USB port and the webcam doesn’t have a built-in microphone. Keep in mind that the Asus VK278Q lacks features that you find in the Thunderbolt such as IPS, USB port and integrated microphone. Its resolution is also less impressive, but it has a good set of features, stylish deign and a webcam that can be rotated.

Dell S2340T

Best Dell Monitor with WebcamDell S2340T is a groundbreaking monitor that comes with a webcam that offers great features. This multi touch monitor has a 23″ diagonal screen. The Dell S2340T allows you to tilt the screen backwards or forward. You can even set it straight if you want to play games or use it for drawing. It comes with a full HD webcam and it supports S-IPS that offers better pixel refresh than IPS. Unlike the Thunderbolt, the Dell S2340T doesn’t come with integrated speakers and microphone. The resolution is slightly smaller at 1920×1080, but you can still get top quality images. The monitor with webcam is perfect for Windows 8 operating system. There is an ultra wide visibility angle of 178 degrees. You can also rely on the LED backlighting for better contrast and lower power consumption. The monitor has HDMI, USB 3.0 and Display Port. This monitor offers great value for money and it is a more affordable option than the Thunderbolt.

Asus VK248H-CSM

If your main concern is price, consider the Asus VK248H-CSM, which comes with a rotatable webcam that lets you take photos and videos from different angles. It is ideal for gaming and video chatting. The downside is that it doesn’t have an integrated microphone, although it does include speakers. The monitor has a full HD LED-backlit display with resolution of 1920×1080 that offers great image quality, seamless performance and it is designed to save energy. While it is cheaper than other options in the list, it is not as feature-rich and the quality is not the best. Still, it is a good option if you need to stick to a low budget.



Although the Apple Thunderbolt is the best option, it is also the most expensive. If you consider making the investment, you will get an incredible monitor with remarkable features and advanced technology. However, if you want something that is more affordable but that doesn’t sacrifice quality and features, the Dell S2340T is a fantastic alternative. The Asus VK278Q is another decent choice and many customers opt for this monitor. The Asus VK248H-CSM is cheap and works well.

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