Monument Valley App Alternatives

Monument Valley is a well-known smartphone game which comes with a lot of activities. The game allows its players to control characters and guide them to a silent princess. The game Monument Valley has become so popular that this game in fact has received the Game of the Year award. Based on reviews, the reason behind why this game has become popular is because of the elements of puzzle and strategic mindset that this game offers.

Monument Valley also comes with great optical illusions and objects which the player of this game needs to lead his character away from and at the same time to manipulate the world around the princess. To level up one has to complete missions per level.

Though this game is enjoyable and very entertaining, there are also other games that are similar to Monument Valley which are worth exploring and playing as alternatives.

Games Like Monument Valley App

1. Daregon: Isometric Puzzles

This game comes with challenging mazes which are waiting to be explored by players. The player’s role in this game is to find ways to get out of the difficult mazes that contains game mysteries which the player has to solve as well.

2. The Room

The Room is known as a high-class puzzle game which involves physical puzzles and mystery games. The game is designed as 3 dimensional gaming world which players would definitely enjoy. The players of this game have to solve each mystery of this game to be able to open the locked boxes that is found in The Room.

3. Old Man’s Journey

The title of this game says it all. The Old Man’s Journey’s theme is soul searching puzzle games wherein every time you solve a puzzle, a story of an old man would unveil and once you have completed all the puzzles, you would also get to know the whole story of an old man’s journey. The theme of the story shows the concept of life and hope.

4. Outside World

Outside World is another puzzle game wherein the the main character got lost in an exotic world. The game’s main character whose name is Krysten has a mission to come home but to be able to do so, he would need a friend who is the player of this game to help him go back.

5. Euclidean Lands

This game is designed with a rotating puzzle game that provides challenging and relaxing experiences and feelings. Euclidean Lands is full of masterful and action adventure puzzles which involves mysteries. If you are looking for a game that would exercise your brain and skills, this game is definitely perfect for you.

6. Blip Blup

Blip Blup is one of the most addictive puzzle games that has been invented for smartphones. This might look familiar but at the same time it is a game that is unique. The game is designed for those who are good abstract visual thinkers as this game is very challenging and mind boggling. Blip Blup comes with about one hundred and fifty puzzles to challenge your puzzle solving skills.

7. Pavilion: Touch Edition

Pavilion is an indie game that comes with puzzles that will show you how to think outside of the box. To be able to play this game you will need to understand what the game requires from you and the only way to do that is to immerse yourself in the game right away as this game does not come with any tutorials.

8. Ghosts of Memories

This game is designed as an adventure puzzle game that comes with difficulties and complexities. Ghost of Memories includes six worlds that the player has to complete, finish and conquer. The main theme of the game is for the player to find and look for the ancient scepter and travel the 6 worlds.

9. Dream Machine

Dream Machine game is designed with 3D puzzle games. It is a geometric game that offers a lot of levels of challenges and different levels of difficulty in its puzzles. In this game the player has to manipulate the fantastical machinery and solve the mysterious optical illusions that one will encounter while playing this game.

10. Hyper Breaker Turbo

This is a classic puzzle game that comes with modern twists. The game has been reinvented to be played and enjoyed by smartphone users. Hyper Breaker Turbo has seventy-five levels of difficulties and challenges.

11. Wonderputt

Known as one of the strangest puzzle miniature golf games, Wonderputt is something that would be enjoyed by many. In this game, the player will need to shoot balls into all the holes of the

games. Though it sounds simple, it is not quite as this game comes with distractions such as toads, cows, alien abductions, ski slopes and many more.


LIMBO is a provoking puzzle game which is compatible with iOS and Android devices and is suitable for all ages. The challenges that one has to face in this game is the uncertainties of the tasks and puzzles. Though this game might come as a little difficult for others, it is very exciting and enjoyable.

13. Back to Bed

This game comes with a story of a sleepwalker who got out of his bed and the main goal for the player is to take him back to his bed safely by controlling his subconscious. This game is designed as 3D puzzle game that the players will surely appreciate.

14. Evo Explores

A space explorer game, Evo Explores comes with a design where mysteries and puzzles are found on a planet background. In this game, you will be presented with numerous challenges which you will have to solve in order to complete this game.

15. Can You Escape: Prison Break

This game is one of the most anticipated puzzle and mysterious games that could be found on the internet. It comes with complex and difficult number of puzzles. Prison Break is an action based adventure games which everyone will surely enjoy.

16. After the End: Forsaken Destiny

With this game, one has to be prepared for their brains to be exercised because in this game, one will experience difficult and complex puzzles to solve. This game’s interface is designed with breathtaking ancient world which you will need to unravel the mystery of father and son’s journey.

17. Tengami

Tengami is another adventure game which comes with puzzles and mysterious elements. This game is compatible to be downloaded in your smartphones. Once you have downloaded this game, you will be brought to ancient Japan which in the game you will need to solve mysteries.

18. Lara Croft GO

This game is very addictive and a game which brings you to a long forgotten world where you will discover an ancient world which has numerous secrets inside. This game comes with puzzles which you will need to solve.

19. Can you Escape the 100 room I

This game will really test one’s intelligence level with its difficult puzzle games. Though the game is difficult, you will find this game very entertaining and fun. If you get stuck at a certain puzzle, you will not have to worry and quit as this game provides some hints that will help you solve the mysteries and puzzles.

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