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Technology allows us to carry our personal library on the go. We can access a wide selection of ebooks and documents on our Android devices at any time, but in order to enjoy the best possible experience, it is important to choose a reader that offers great quality and convenience. That is exactly what you get when you download Moon + Reader Pro. This ebook reader stands out thanks to its flexibility and its powerful functionality. It is no wonder why it has become one of the favorite options in Google Play. Let’s find out what makes Moon+ Reader a fantastic solution to read ebooks on your Android device.


Using Moon + Reader Pro

Moon+ Reader Pro is designed to give you greater control over your reading experience. There are many options available that allow you to customize the way in which you view your books. It is possible to adjust fonts, text colors, background colors and much more. Moon+ Reader Pro supports a great variety of formats including epub, Mobi, PDF, cbz, html, rar, fb2 and zip. When you start with Moon + Reader Pro, you see a list of your books and next to each of them you can find information about the reading progress. Details like percent reading, elapsed time and speed of reading (words per minute) are displayed, giving you a clear overview of the progress.

It is possible to download books from online libraries, cloud storage or from the device memory. Once you open a book, you can adjust the reading settings using the three categories available: view settings, controls and additional. In view settings, you can adjust the font, background color, text color and similar options. The control settings, you can select the actions performed when a specific button is pressed or when an area of the display is touched. You can also choose the orientation of the screen. The additional options include auto-scroll settings and display lock, just to mention a few.

Moon+ Reader Pro offers multiple auto-scroll modes, as well as a smart scroll lock to ensure a hassle-free reading experience. The auto-scrolling usually adjusts to the reading speed and you can set up a hotkey for automatic turning so that the option is activated or disabled when you press it. You can also establish visual styles of auto-scrolling and specify the page layout option that you prefer and set it as a default. Every book that you load will be automatically formatted with the settings you selected, giving you the reading experience that suits your preferences. There is no shortage of settings available so it is worth it to spend some time exploring what Moon+ Reader Pro offers.

Statics of reading

Moon+ Reader Pro gives you access to information like percentage through the book, how many books you have read and speed of reading. Based on the speed of reading, the app calculates the time required to finish a chapter, which is helpful when you need to pause your reading or postpone it for a later stage but want to know if you can finish the chapter before doing so. You can also see how many hours you have spent reading, date ranges and more. The best part is that the information is presented in such a way that you won’t be distracted while reading. You can easily access all the details available, or ignore them while you focus on the text you are reading. If preferred, you can even hide the progress bar.


Moon+ Reader Pro supports over 20 customized options such as swipe gesture and screen click, to manage a variety of actions including navigation, search and bookmark.

  • Multiple types of paging including touch screen.
  • Line space, bold, italic, shadow and font scale are just some of the full visual options available.
  • There are multiple themes embedded, Day & night mode switcher.
  • 5 different auto-scroll modes available.
  • The app reader supports gesture commands. You can adjust the brightness by simply sliding your finger along the left edge of the screen.
  • If you spend a lot of time reading, you can select the “Keep your eyes health” options.
  • The reader also features real page turning effect with customized speed, color, transparent.
  • The My Bookshelf design features Favorites, Downloads, Authors and Tags.
  • Backup and restore options to cloud are supported via DropBox and you can sync reading positions, bookmarks, highlights and notes.

The above are some of the standard features supported. The Pro version offers more advantages including an ad-free experience for faster and smoother performance.

  • You can shake the phone to enable text-to-speech.
  • It also offers PDF support with speech compatibility.
  • There is a wider and better selection of themes, fonts and background images.
  • Option to use password protection
  • Book to home screen shortcut
  • You can open, backup, sync or download book files via Dropbox/GDrive
  • It is also possible to organize your favorite books and set them to desktop as widget.
  • The Pro version also offers headset & Bluetooth keys control.


Moon+ Reader Pro allows you to enjoy a reading experience that suits your style. You can control the settings, select the options that you prefer and get access to a great deal of useful information about your reading. It is a practical, flexible and powerful solution to read ebooks on the go.


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