Most Popular Mobile Games in Israel

Mobile gaming in Israel is becoming more popular due to the affordability and portability of smartphones. What are the best games to get for this platform?

Israel’s mobile game scene has seen an increase in its activity, with the number of gamers on this platform increasing. Tons of mobile game developers have also popped up in the region, and some of them have produced some of the most advertised and popular titles, like Raid Shadow Legends. The popularity of mobile games in Israel has been rising, so many players are looking for new ones to try out. With so many things to try out, from farming OSRS gold to chopping wood in Terraria, gamers in the Mediterranean will have a lot of things to discover. Here are the best mobile games to try out if you are in Israel:  

OSRS Mobile

Since OSRS service was introduced to mobile devices, thousands of fans have started playing in the comfort of their devices. This OSRS mobile features the same content as the original PC version, and it becomes even more lively since cross-platform gaming is allowed. Gamers can switch between their desktop when they are at home to their mobile devices when they are on the go.  

The mobile version of Old School RuneScape features the same subscription model as the PC title, wherein gamers can play it without subscribing. While subbing is not a requirement, it does allow players to access every available feature in RuneScape. If gamers are worried that such an old game won’t have an active population, OSRS has been around since 2007 and is still considered one of the top MMORPGs in the genre. Players will still see each town bustling with life.  

Call Of Duty Mobile 

The popular FPS series has taken their popular battle royale game and integrated it to fit the needs of mobile users. It has received multiple awards and contains tons of fun and a thrilling game mode many players would want to experience. CODM was just released back in 2019, so the graphics are still top-notch and up to date to current standards. 

There are many cool features that mobile players will appreciate from the game. These include cool skins, seasonal updates, various game modes, and a customizable, safe house. The best thing about this is that Call of Duty Mobile is entirely free-to-play, and the only thing that players are expected to spend on are micro-transactions for cosmetics. Gamers should not be intimidated by playing a shooter game on mobile phones because devs have ensured that the controls and UI are easy to use and grasp. 

Bloons TD 6 

Tower Defenses are fun and casual games that players of all ages can enjoy. Bloons TD 6 features upgradeable monkeys that equip themselves with weapons to prevent balloons from getting past them. These creatures serve as the players’ towers instead of the traditional structures. These monkeys can be dart-throwing defenses or helicopter-riding units that can patrol the skies for you. Some heroes can assist you in your endeavor.  

While the thought of a team of monkeys being besieged by hordes of balloons may sound not too appealing, the gameplay itself is fun and innovative. The monkey towers can be upgraded into more powerful units, which can diverge depending on your preferred branch. If you are looking for a fun-filled and entertaining game, then Bloons TD 6 is worth spending a few bucks on.  


Minecraft is a timeless classic popular with gamers of all ages. From children building colorful bases to hardcore speedrunners finishing the Ender in record time, MC is an entertaining game to try out, whether you are on PC or mobile. Minecraft is available on multiple platforms so that smartphone gamers can play with their friends on desktops.  

Minecraft can be a bit pricy, but the trades are worth it because the game is fun to pass the time and explore your skills and creativity. Getting it on mobile is a good idea, especially for those who are always on the move or want to lie down while playing. You can always expect a good time when you launch MC on your phone.  


Terraria is another popular survival game that many casual and hardcore gamers enjoy. While many know it is available on PC, only some know it is available on mobile platforms. The game has similar themes to Minecraft but is fast-paced and requires more skill. If you are looking for a mobile app to explore your resourcefulness and creativity while being challenged, Terraria is a good game tryout for only a few bucks.  

Genshin Impact 

Who could even ignore Genshin Impact, which has been tagged as the best mobile game for consecutive years? This masterpiece from MiHoyo has been a staple on smartphone devices and other platforms. It should also be noted that the game is entirely free, and you will only spend money on the gacha and micro-transactions.  

Genshin Impact is a lore-rich single-action role-playing game praised for its beautiful design, art style, and continuously improving storyline. The only catch in playing GI is that it is a gacha game, which tends to encourage people to spend money on it. However, if you are strong enough to resist swiping for a specific banner, Genshin is a must-play game for any free-to-play player. 

Honkai Star Rail 

Another entry from MiHoyo is Honkai Star Rail, quickly gaining popularity as many players find its gameplay and graphics similar to or even better than Genshin Impact. This title, which exists in the Hoyoverse, is a free-to-play turn-based game that follows the adventures of the Trailblazing main character.  

Honkai Star Rail is connected to Genshin Impact because they bought in the same universe, so any hardcore GI fans should try it out to see if there will be any potential crossovers in the future. Some displays in-game show their connection, such as a wing glider showcased in a glass container. However, gamers should note that HSR also has a gacha system, so be wary of how much money you spend to pull on unique banners. Otherwise, Honkai Star Rail is a delightful game on mobile, even as a F2P.  


Roblox is another game that has gained prominence over the years. While many have dismissed it due to its goofy and cubic design, it has proved that any fans, regardless of age, can enjoy what the game offers, and what it offers are tons of mods that players can try out with their friends.  

Roblox is fun and caters to a wide array of audiences due to the hundreds of existing mod games in its folders. Many popular genres like shooter, horror, turn-based, and even gachas can be found in them. The best thing about Roblox is that it is cross-platform and free-to-play, which means you can play with your friends while they are on a PC or Console while you are on your smartphone. 

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition 

While it may not be as famous as Minecraft or Terraria, Don’t Starve is an equally enjoyable game that tests players’ survival and resource management skills. The grim atmosphere and creepy art style should already indicate that the game has the potential to be stressful and exciting. Fortunately, Don’t Starve has other game modes that will allow gamers to lower the difficulty of the dangers within the generated world.  

Don’t Starve’s survival tactics are more hectic, and the enemy mobs are more hostile than most casual games like MC. However, the skill needed to play the game makes it a fun, entertaining, and rewarding app to play on your mobile. On top of that, it has a co-op made, so you can try to struggle to survive with your friends. It should be noted that gamers do need to spend their money to play it.  

Subway Surfers 

This game has been around for quite a while now, and though it is not as popular as before, it still is a delightful game to pass the time. The gameplay of Subway Surfers is quite simple since you only need to swipe left, right, up, and down on your screen. The objective is to see how far you can get while avoiding getting hit by the various obstacles on the way and being caught by the chasing security guards.  

The main catch of Subway Surfers is that the sequence and pacing of the game go faster and faster, which can prove a challenge to many players. There is not much to the game besides the mindless swiping on the screen, but it is entertaining enough to relax and pass the time. Aside from being a casual game, it is also accessible for mobile devices.  

Stardew Valley 

For gamers looking for a relaxing game that can be very addicting, then Stardew Valley is a must-have. Few people know the game is on smartphones, so they need a PC or Console. The smartphone version features the same content as other platforms, so those who try it on mobile will get all the benefits. 

Stardew Valley is a fun farming game with relaxing music, cute pixel art, and casually enjoyable activities. Though you have to spend a bit on the game, it is an affordable app for your device. Casual and avid gamers will surely enjoy playing Stardew solo or with friends.  

Mobile Games in Israel 

Mobile devices are much more affordable than PC and Consoles, and they are portable at the same time. These are the main reasons gamers in Israel prefer to play on smartphones. Fortunately, there are tons of enjoyable games available. You can go farm OSRS gold or try farming in Minecraft, so check this list when buying a new game on your mobile phone.  

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