Moto 360 shows screen burn after few charging sessions

This year at the IFA event held 2 weeks ago, a number of manufacturers launched their smartwatches. Moto 360 was one of them and was also the first Android Wear based smartwatch that was sold out within hours of its availability on online stores. But, there’s a really weird problem with the Moto 360 and its charging.

According to this Reddit thread about the Moto 360, a user by the name of self.moto360, has discussed an unusual issue with his Moto 360. According to the user, there is a charging screen image burn-in on his Moto 360. The circular burnt area that was also reported by other users on the same thread is said to be caused by the back of the smartwatch which touches the charging dock.

The user stated that he tried resetting the watch, putting it off for an hour but it didn’t do any good. He said that his watch screen went black after putting it on charge for 20 minutes. Some users have suggested that it’s not a burnt screen image as LCDs are prone to burn-in experience and is rather image persistence on the device.

Another user by the name of LobbyDizzle also reported the same issue but he said that as soon as he spotted the burn in, he plugged off the device from the charging dock and left it off over night. With this, few of the burn in went away but signs of it remained on the device making the display a little damaged and unable to read easily.

Motorola has been informed of this issue and a Reddit user from Motorola replied on the thread saying that the users facing this issue should email directly to Motorola support at

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