Moto Z camera module from Hasselblad IFA-bound

The Moto Z, like the LG G5, offers its buyers modules that can extend or expand the user experience. If you want greater battery life, just buy a battery module, connect it to the back of your phone (like a battery pack), and you’re all set. If you don’t like your audio output on the Moto Z and you want better sound, then connect the new JBL audio module — problem solved. A Moto Z camera module had been rumored for Motorola’s first modular foray, but there was little evidence to the rumor at the time except for the assumption that a June 20th event with Hasselblad in the mix meant that Lenovo and the professional camera company would strike a partnership.

Well, Motorola unveiled its Moto Z and MotoMods this summer, but didn’t so much as give a whisper about the Moto Z camera module planned in the works. Well, we now have some evidence that highly suggests the Moto Z camera module will make an appearance in a matter of days.

Details provided by the source link below show photos of the Moto Z camera module created by Hasselblad that will allow Moto Z buyers to have a professional photography experience on their modular smartphone.

There is an assumption with smartphones that they’re mobile and provide all we need, but professional photographers don’t necessarily agree. Of course, there are a few testimonials to professional photographers who’ve dropped their DSLR cameras (digital single-lens reflex, for those who need to know the meaning of the acronym) for the latest, high-end smartphone (here’s such an example), but most professional photographers would still shelve out $1,000 to get a professional camera than spend that on a smartphone whose photography performance is sub-par for most diehard DSLR users. Samsung has announced a camera lens cover for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge (and we presume, the same will arrive for the Galaxy Note 7) that will help professional photographers achieve and experience better optical zoom — the type of zoom that is possible on professional cameras.

The current high-end crop of smartphones feature anywhere from 12MP to 21MP back cameras, but DSLR cameras can give you 40+ megapixels — which makes DLSR cameras better for professionals who want to showcase their work on their business walls (more megapixels produce larger images and sharper details). Current smartphones allow you to post your photos on social media networks, but those photos need not be as large as those that professional photographers demand. The Moto Z camera module from Hasselblad will help those who need a little something more in their modular experience.

The new Hasselblad Moto Z camera module should be announced at the upcoming international conference, IFA 2016, that is scheduled to take place in the first week of September. Until then, take a look at the Moto Z camera module photo gallery below.

moto z camera module hasselblad

motomod moto z camera module 2

motomod moto z camera module 3

moto z camera module motomod 4


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