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Motorola MBP85CONNECT Baby Video Monitor Review

As much as parents want to be with their children 24/7, it is impossible with today’s fast and busy lifestyle. In the past, when parents had to leave their children with a nanny or a babysitter, they normally check in through a phone call. However, with today’s technology, even if you are not with your children, you could be rest assured that you could monitor your children as if you are with them through high-resolution cameras and through accessing it through any smart device you have.

One high resolution camera or equipment you could use and give you peace of mind with its large room coverage and provide you access to talk to the nanny even when you are in the office or traveling is the Motorola MBP85CONNECT.

Features of Motorola MBP85CONNECT

There are numerous monitoring devices in the market and choosing the right one could be tricky and difficult. However, with Motorola MBP85CONNECT, you will never go wrong.

The Motorola MBP85CONNECT has a Bi-directional communication feature. This means it allows you to talk to you children and comfort them with your voice even when you are far away from them. This feature will certainly keep you and your children worry-free. It provides comfort to your children as well as they would think you are with them around your home. Moreover, it allows you to talk to the nanny or babysitter for instructions.

Another amazing feature of this monitoring device is you will be able to monitor and receive sound, temperature and motion alerts. Instead of being alerted only when your baby cries, you will also get to know even when your baby moves. If the room’s temperature rises or would be too cold for your baby, you will be alerted as well.

Aside from these amazing and useful features, and though Motorola MBP85CONNECT is known for being one of the classiest, sleekest and most sophisticated monitoring devices, it is easy to use and easy to set up. To install, all you have to do is to plug and play. Once you have downloaded and installed it free software, just pair the monitoring device or camera to your smart device. After pairing, it will automatically connect to your WiFi and to your Hubble app or software of your smart device and you are good to go. The Motorola MBP85CONNECT is ready to use.

Advantages of Motorola MBP85CONNECT

Using the Motorola MBP85CONNECT as a monitoring device for your children as numerous advantages. As mentioned earlier, it is easy to set up and is compatible to use with Android 4.2 version and iOS 7 and above versions. It allows you to view and monitor you children on your PC as well on any smart device you have. It also comes with infrared night vision, pan, tilt, zoom options, manual snapshots and videos, sound, motion, temperature alerts and two-way communication.

However, though there are numerous advantages in using this monitoring device, like any other product sold in the market, there are also some drawbacks. The Motorola MBP85CONNECT, unfortunately, does not have wall mount and it needs to be plugged all the time. Its two-way communication feature works like a walkie-talkie and if you wish to remotely video record with the use of Cloud Security, you will need to pay a certain fee.


1. Could the Motorola MBPCONNECT still work even without cameras?

Yes, as long as you have and are connected to an internet connection.

2. Could you have two Motorola MBPCONNECT while using one smart device?

Yes as long as you have synced the devices.

3. Does the Mororola MBPCONNECT work with a 4G phone?

Yes, it does.


All parents would want what’s best for their children and even when they are far from each other, constant monitoring would give peace of mind. However, not all monitoring devices could provide vivid, precise and clear images, but with Motorola MNP85CONNECT, you will never encounter such problems.

Moreover, not only it allows its users to reboot it quickly, it also has very extremely high mega-pixels to provide you a very clear view. Hence, considering everything, we say the MBPCONNECT is surely a great investment and you would definitely not be disappointed with it

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