Motorola Nexus 6 spotted in new benchmarks

A new device by the name of “Motorola Shamu” has appeared in a benchmark test suggesting the possibility of Motorola being the next manufacturer in line to make the next generation Nexus 6. There have been a lot of rumors circling around over the internet suggesting that Google could look towards Motorola for its next generation Nexus 6 devices.  The details that were first spotted online on a site, the new Nexus 6 device is codenamed Motorola Shamu which may seem a little weird but considering that the alleged codename for the Nexus 8 is ‘Flounder’ … we’re thinking this could actually be a thing.

Apart from that, the benchmark scores suggest that the Motorola Shamu aka Nexus 6 performs extremely well when compared to other devices running quad core Snapdragon 801 processor. To be more precise, Motorola Nexus 6 might have the same specs as the Galaxy S5 or the HTC One M8.

The site where the benchmark was spotted also suggested that Nexus 6 will feature a 1080p screen just like the previous generation Nexus 5. Some people might be expecting a high end Nexus 6 from Google but the history says otherwise.  What Google often does with Nexus is manufactures a device that is just a little below the top tier devices but gets an advantage in terms of cost and pricing.  These extremely marketable features of the device give Google a competitive edge over the other truly high end devices.

A few weeks ago Google announced the new Android version, currently codenamed Android L, for developers that included some drastic UI changes and more focus on notifications. Although there is no news about the release date of the Nexus 6 there’s a high possibility that Google will release the next generation Nexus device alongside Android L once it’s ready.

Many speculate at a possible October release date. The two previous generations of Nexus devices were both released in October. Its still not a confirmed that Motorola is the official manufacturer to produce the next Nexus device or any other partnerships since it has been acquired by Lenovo. There has been no word from Lenovo or any of its representatives regarding this news. It also seems entirely possible that it could be LG for the third consecutive time considering how well Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 did in the market.  Still, it would be nice to see Motorola try their hand with the upcoming iteration of the Nexus line.

Source: TechTastic

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