Motorola to Start Making Tablets Again

Motorola is one of the big companies out there that has been away from manufacturing tablets for a long time now as the last time Motorola came up with their own tablet was back in 2011 when the company launched Droid Xyboard tablets along with Xoom 2. The company has long abandoned a market that is growing rapidly as customers are into portable things like tablets instead of laptops.

Motorola now has plans to come into the tablet business once again which would be done after the acquisition of the company by Lenovo. If you have missed the news it is expected that Lenovo is going to finalize their acquisition soon. The CEO of Lenovo Yang Yuanquing also said in an interview that after the acquisition is finalized the company is going to launch new tablets under the name of Motorola.

CEO also discussed about their new strategy called ‘’dual-brand’’ strategy where a tablet would be launched with either the branding of Motorola or Lenovo depending on the region it’s going to be sold in though CEO Yang Yuanquing didn’t mention anything about what OS they are going to support, either Windows 8.1 or Android or both.

With Lenovo and Motorola, HTC is also getting back into the tablet business with rumors of HTC to make the next Nexus tablet known as Nexus 9, which is expected to launch in the next week. We are not sure about Motorola or Lenovo but the Nexus tablet has always got attention and this year it’s going to be the same which is going to benefit HTC a lot.

What do you think about these two companies getting back into the tablet market? If you had a choice which one would you go for Lenovo, Motorola or HTC?

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