MSI GT80 Titan is world’s first gaming laptop with mechanical keyboard

MSI is one of the leading companies in the world that makes gaming peripherals such as GPUs and gaming notebooks but on this occasion, the company has raised the bar with its GT80 Titan gaming laptop. This is because the GT80 Titan is not only the company’s first, but the world’s first gaming laptop to be incorporated with a mechanical gaming keyboard. The best part of that keyboard is that it features a backlit illumination control option.

MSI, in collaboration with SteelSeries, have assimilated Cherry MX Brown switches to the keyboard, which will grant durability as well as a comfortable experience compared to the rubber dome keyboards present in earlier iteration of gaming laptops. While mechanical keyboards produce a higher audible sound compared to traditional rubber dome keyboards, the comfort experience presented by these keyboards is well worth the investment.

Apart from the mechanical keyboard, the GT80 Titan will feature NVIDIA’s newly released GTX 980 graphics chip, which will be present in an SLI configuration. The maximum memory configuration of the gaming laptop will have a limit of 32 GB while for storage purposes, an SSD for reduced booting time combined with a traditional mechanical drive will be provided in order to deliver the best storage configuration to the portable gamer.

While the hardware specifications of the laptop are thoroughly impressive not to mention the biggest perk of owning laptop being a mechanical gaming keyboard, the GT80 is not as portable as MSI would have you believe so. Having a screen size of 18.4 inches as well as weighing in at 4.5 kilograms does not make the gaming laptop a ‘hand carry’ friendly item. The company has not stated which processor will be running inside the machine nor the price that makes up the entire gaming laptop.

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