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Neato’s BotVac 85 Review

The most interesting thing about technology is that it does what it’s programmed to do without ever having to add any hassle on you. Dusts have long plagued every household since the beginning of time. Dusts were rampant in the age of cavemen and it is still there even when we live in luxurious condo units or mansions but times have changed things.

Back then, housekeepers were hired, and now technology has provided you with a solution to rid you of your dust problems.  Neato has made an addition to their dust busters and things are about to get neater.

Product Description & Features

The Neato BotVac 85 has an appearance that doesn’t go off too far from its predecessors. It has the similar semi rounded back completed with a squared front to ease its ability to sift through corners. It has the signature full white finish with blue accents.

Its cleaning technology is made more diverse with a back to back brush combination, a blade brush and high performance filters that comes in three. There is a slight change with its sensor as it looks more rounded than the previously released ones and it weighs heavier being a 9 pounder.

The latest dust busting bot manufactured by Neato doesn’t have much difference features wise. It has that similar automatic cleaning mode that can also be altered through manual programming. Aside from that, it can now hold larger amounts of dust with its 2.96 cup capacity and multiply it by three. The new side brushes are true things to look forward too as it gets the device to clean deeper into the edges.

Pros And Cons

Impressively, the Neato BotVac 85 does beat its predecessors with its extended performance capabilities. The additional accessories with the features make the new model worthwhile and highly appealing to every interested consumer. The company did well in improving the problems that the previous model had and applied them into this new flagship without hesitation.

Despite the fact that the manufacturers did their best in improving the shortcomings of the previous model, the Neato BotVac’s pricing is a definite stopper to those who are planning on buying it. Obviously, its price range has reached those that are ultimately high end but its lack of remote control is a huge bummer as it is something that consumers and reviewers are highly expectant of.


Neato is known for the quality technology of the products that they release and for their latest, which is the BotVac 85, it appears to be a good buy. Its improvised cleaning tools and its extra features makes it a worthy contender to the Roomba.

It may not possess the remote control that everyone is expecting but it does do its job in getting rid of the dust with efficiency. It offers more, it definitely gives more and it will really do more with the dust busting duties in the household.


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