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Netatmo Weather Station Review — The Good, The Bad, And The Bottom Line

Not a lot of people are into monitoring the weather and all the tiny details that come with it. But if you are one of the few, this new device could be quite exciting. Netatmo has brought to the market the Netatmo Weather Station – a handy little gadget that should allow you to see what weather we are in or what may be coming ahead. It is an amazing little gadget because who would believe that such a small thing could help weather enthusiasts like you predict what is to come. For $180, this handy station can be yours.


  • Monitors temperature, carbon dioxide levels, humidity, and noise levels indoors and outdoors.
  • With a Wi-Fi connection, you can monitor these on your computer, tablet, or phone, whichever you prefer.
  • Built to look like a plain cylinder made from aluminum but has sensors integrated in it.
  • Two modules available – indoor (six inches high) and outdoor (four inches high).
  • No display screens on both modules but tapping would give you a reading.
  • Indoor module is powered through micro-USB port on back. Outdoor module needs two AAA batteries to run which Netatmo claims can power the device for over a year.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be integrated with IFTTT online automation service.
  • Comes with a well-designed app that would provide you with the information that you would need.


Topping the list of pros is its being easy to set up and easy to use. When tested for accuracy, it has worked pretty well. The app that it comes with has been done really well as it comes with a lot of useful information that you should be getting from a weather station. Many are also happy with its capacity to be integrated with the IFTTT online automation service.


If you have some free weather app running on your mobile phone or tablet, the Netatmo Weather Station should provide you with the same amount of information. Not a good investment for those wanting to do casual weather tracking.

The Bottom Line

With the Netatmo Weather Station coming with a price tag of $180, it may offer a limited number of features for such a hefty price. However, for weather enthusiasts out there, $180 may just be right as the whole system has been designed well and really works fine.

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