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Netgear’s New 720p Security Cameras

If you are on the look-out for the latest DIY security camera, Netgear’s New 720p Security Cameras is something that you should look out for. It has certain features that make it stand out from other security cameras currently available in the market. It can even provide great video quality which is very crucial for security cameras.


Netgear’s new 720p Security Cameras was just launched last November and is now available for purchase. It has a lot of features that made it attractive to consumers, such as the 720p video quality, the free cloud storage that comes free with each kit, night-vision equipped cameras, and mobile platform supported. In terms of DIY security cameras, it is definitely something to watch out for.

Pros and Cons 

The good thing about Netgear’s New 720p Security Cameras is the great quality of surveillance video it captures even if the actual cameras are small. The security cameras can even be used both indoors and outdoors which shows that it can stand the elements.

Netgear’s New 720p Security Camera uses high video compression; it also transmits data to the hub at 1.5Mbps. This helps save battery and helps it stay working for up to 6 months. This is a big plus because you won’t have to worry that much on frequently changing the battery of your security cameras which can be a hassle.

Another pro of Netgear’s New 720p Security Cameras is that you can view live captures from your home by using your mobile devices. There is no limitation to the mobile device that you can use since the app that can be downloaded to do so is available in iOS and Android. You can even set-up alerts, view your cameras, and change other camera settings.

Lastly, the device is easy to install and is designed to be weatherproof should you decide to install a camera outside of your home.

Although the product has a lot of pros the price is something that should be considered. It is not that affordable and you will need to purchase the entire kit of Netgear’s New 720p Security Cameras and not just the cameras itself. It may be mobile friendly but there is still limited information if it has any partnership with any third party home security service providers.

Netgear’s New 720p Security Cameras Kits includes one hub and two security cameras. This may be limiting for some since you will have to purchase more cameras just to cover your entire home or you will be limited to choosing two areas of your home where you can install the cameras.


Netgear’s New 720p Security Cameras add another option to the security cameras department. What is nice about it is that it provides an alternative for those who are seeking for home security. It delivers surveillance videos of your home at your fingertips regardless of the mobile operating system you are using. This product is something that users should consider if they are looking for good quality cameras.

It is truly a wireless innovation that helps you keep your home safe and leave you feeling secure.



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