New Galaxy Note 7 arrives on September 28th

The Galaxy Note 7 has been in the spotlight in the news lately, particularly because of the havoc it’s been wreaking on the consumer public. Yes, Galaxy Note 7s have been exploding and causing all sorts of burns and injuries, and Samsung has officially recalled the device now and written customers to encourage them to power it down and stop using it. Official research shows, though, that only 130,000 of the so-called 2.5 million consumers have actually turned their devices in — a tribute no doubt to the fact that the new Galaxy Note 7, the one that is free from battery cell issues, has yet to land in the US or other countries. Consumers simply don’t want to trade in their “explosive” Note 7 for any other smartphone out there. Verizon has written me to inform me to get an exchange or turn in my Note 7, but the Moto Z, iPhone 7, LG G5, HTC 10, and other high-end flagships are not the phones I want.

The new Galaxy Note 7, according to a new report, is scheduled to arrive back in stores on Wednesday, September 28th, so customers will be able to pick up a new model that is free from battery cell issues and won’t have as strong a probability as exploding as the current models. The issue, as Samsung discovered it, is that something within the battery cells were causing positive and negative charges to reverse themselves — leading to the explosions that have been published online to no end. Samsung’s own SDI unit was in charge of supplying the faulty batteries, and the company has since issued a public apology and chosen China’s ATL as the sole supplier of its batteries moving forward. While this will keep consumers from suffering with injuries from potentially harmful batteries with the new Galaxy Note 7, this doesn’t do much to improve Samsung’s own batteries. Apparently, faulty battery production is to blame, and Samsung doesn’t know how to fix it at this point.

Even with the explosions that have been occurring, the Galaxy Note 7 is (and the new Galaxy Note 7 will be) still the best smartphone of 2016. The AMOLED display, secondary Always On Display, world-best cameras, IP68 water and dust resistance, and dual-edge design make it the hardest phone to surpass on the market this year. Even the S Pen has become “intelligent” and now lets you do things like magnify words and translate unknown languages, not to mention giving you the ability to also doodle, draw, and write notes underwater (yes, the S Pen this year is water-resistant!).

Consumers who currently own a Galaxy Note 7 can get the new Galaxy Note 7 on September 21st at their retail store of choice. Samsung suggests that you return to the carrier retail store where you purchased your Note 7 to get a replacement unit. The new Galaxy Note 7 will go on sale 7 days later, after current customers with faulty units have exchanged theirs for new ones.


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