New Galaxy Note 7 in the hands of 1 million users

The new Galaxy Note 7, the one with the green battery icon instead of the white icon of the former, has been making its way into the hands of diehard Note fans since last week when carriers Verizon and Sprint started offering replacement units and new units for sale simultaneously.

Now, Samsung is back to give us an indication of just how successful the Note 7 recall has been: of the 2.5 million customers that have been told to “power down and return” their devices, 1 million users now have the new Galaxy Note 7 in their possession. Yes, this still leaves 1.5 million users who have yet to pick up the new Galaxy Note 7 and bring in the old ones, but 1 million in as little as 7-10 days is impressive nonetheless. Keep in mind that the official recall didn’t begin until earlier this month, so Samsung’s efforts to get the new Galaxy Note 7 in the hands of consumers has been nothing short of impressive.

Keep in mind as well that it was said at one point that consumers would have to wait until September 28th to get the new Galaxy Note 7, and some estimates have gone currently to October 21st for the American market — so Samsung has done an excellent job of rebounding here. The company is also very pleased and humbled by all the support that Note 7 users have given the company, trading in their old Note 7 for the new Galaxy Note 7 without thinking twice. When consumers trade in a faulty Note 7 and pick up the new one without battery defects, it’s a sign that your product is that good. Not every company or OEM can get away with Samsung’s failure and rebound in this regard.

Well, it goes to show that Samsung has done well to own up to its mistake and worked hard to rectify the situation. Companies make mistakes every day, but few entities with as big a record as Samsung would have gone to the press and publicly admitted them. Some believe that great companies don’t make mistakes, but I disagree; mistakes occur all the time, but the companies that admit them, rectify them, and move beyond them to prevent them in the future are companies that are worthy of respect. Samsung has done that and, despite the mistake, is discovering that the worldwide consumer base strongly believes in Samsung.


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