New Galaxy S7 photos leak, show microSD card, smaller camera hump, and software

The Galaxy S7 is one of the most talked-about smartphones at the moment, and, despite its upcoming announcement, will remain one of the most talked-about smartphones of 2016. And yet, we all know that the unveil moment is soon to arrive, but photo leaks are still pouring in to put our questions to rest. Today’s photo leaks answer questions about the coveted microSD card, camera hump, and the Galaxy S7 software (of course, we know that the Galaxy S7 will run Android Marshmallow).

Android Authority got its hands on the Galaxy S7, producing a video showing the device “in the flesh” — as close as you can get to that statement without flashing human skin. The photos and video leaked shows us 1) the microSD/SIM card tray, 2) the more-disguised camera hump as opposed to the camera hump found on the Galaxy S6, 3) the remaining heart rate monitor that continues to make its appearance on the Galaxy S7 (this is now the third-generation Galaxy sporting the feature), 4) the glossy back that is a fingerprint magnet, keeping in step with the fingerprint-magnet Galaxy S6, and 5) a similar look and feel of Android Marshmallow to the Galaxy S6, which ran Android 5.1 Marshmallow.

The microSD card slot was one of the mysteries that prevailed throughout the rumor process. Samsung did away with the microSD card slot in the Galaxy S6, so a number of consumers were concerned about whether or not it would make a return. The rumor surrounding the microSD card slot is that Samsung found a way for its UFS 2.0 and microSDs to “play nice” with each other, but another rumor concerning the microSD card slot is that Android Marshmallow’s native SD support is what mandates its return in the Galaxy series.

Yes, the video does show that Flipboard integration with the Galaxy S7 will remain, with the so-called “News Briefing” feature remaining on yet another Galaxy device since the Galaxy S5 in 2014. The News Briefing app is also found on the Galaxy S6 Active and the Gear S smartwatch from the Korean giant.

These pieces of information aren’t surprising considering the leaks and rumors. but one new info leak that is a surprise concerns the Galaxy S7’s battery. Long rumors pointed to a 3,000mAh battery, but a new insider says that the Galaxy S7 will sport a 2,800mAh battery instead — the same size as that of the Galaxy S5. At this point, we can’t be entirely sure that the Galaxy S7 edge will sport a 3,600mAh battery. Perhaps its battery will be neck-in-neck with the Galaxy S6 Active’s 3,500mAh battery, or slightly smaller than that. This piece of the puzzle may not be in place until Sunday at MWC 2016.

At any rate, take a look at the Galaxy S7 screenshots below and tell us what you think.

Galaxy S7 display 1

Galaxy S7 display 2

Galaxy S7 back cover

Galaxy S7 back cover 2

Galaxy S7 display 3

Galaxy S7 display 4

Galaxy S7 display 6

Galaxy S7 Flipboard

Galaxy S7 Papergarden

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